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Costs of underfloor heating

Monday 01 January 2024

The infromation of underfloor heating is relatively speaking the most economical and provides the least inconvenience. What the costs are underfloor heating infrequently, can be read in the table below. The prices include materials, labor and VAT.

Main heating Additional heating extended Additional heating standard Average cost
up to 10 m2 up to 15 m2 up to 20 m2 € 750 to € 840
up to 20 m2 up to 30 m2 up to 40 m2 € 850 up to € 930
up to 30 m2 up to 45 m2 up to 60 m2 € 950 up to € 1,075
up to 40 m2 up to 60 m2 up to 80 m2 € 1,130 up to € 1,150
up to 50 m2 up to 75 m2 up to 100 m2 € 1,200 up to € 1,275
up to 60 m2 up to 90 m2 up to 120 m2 € 1,400 up to € 1,540
up to 70 m2 up to 105 m2 up to 140 m2 € 1,650 to € 1,750
up to 80 m2 up to 120 m2 up to 160 m2 € 1,750 to € 1,880
up to 90 m2 up to 135 m2 up to 180 m2 € 1,995 up to € 2,030
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final cost may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

The prices of floor heating on mats or panels are not much higher.

Electric (infrared) underfloor heating
Sometimes people choose to install an electric underfloor heating, for example in a small bathroom. Electric underfloor heating is never used as main heating. The cost of purchasing electric underfloor heating is relatively inexpensive. What the costs are you see in the table below. Here are the costs for labor to be added. The average hourly wage for the professional that you can easily book through Zoofy is € 65 per hour.
Of course you have to take into account higher energy costs. On the other hand, you can keep those energy costs nicely under control by setting a daily or weekly program. During peak hours a nicely heated (bathroom) floor and in between adjust the temperature downwards.
Cost of electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating Average cost Distance between heating wires 12 cm centres Distance between heating wires 18 cm centres
320 Watts € 100 2 m2 3 m2
520 Watts € 120 4 m2 6 m2
730 Watts € 135 5 m2 7.5 m2
930 Watts € 155 6 m2 9 m2
1080 Watts € 175 16 m2 24 m2
1760 Watts € 205 13 m2 19 m2
2070 Watt € 250 16 m2 24 m2
2350 Watt € 310 20 m2 30 m2

Why we warmly recommend underfloor heating

Nothing is as wonderful as underfloor heating. It is a real asset and definitely contributes to the enjoyment of living. That you no longer suffer from cold floors is well known, but are you also familiar with the other benefits of underfloor heating? Everything you want to know about underfloor heating and the costs of underfloor heating, you can read here.

The advantages of underfloor heating as main heating

A tighter interior by the absence of radiators and more space on the walls
Ideal for people with a house dust allergy because of the absence of dust traps
Savings on heating costs due to better heat distribution over the entire floor area compared to radiators against a cold wall
Less maintenance required due to the absence of radiators
Can be used in combination with a central heating boiler, pellet boiler or heat pump
No more cold floors

* Underfloor heating can in some cases only serve as supplementary heating and not as main heating

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