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Underfloor heating installation

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Underfloor heating installation

You can install underfloor heating as main or auxiliary heating. Is installing underfloor heating the best choice for you? Find out below!

The benefits of underfloor  heating

Installing underfloor heating has many advantages. It is not for nothing that more and more people are choosing this option. The biggest advantage of underfloor heating is that it uses about 20% less energy than radiators. You will certainly notice this difference on your energy bill, too!

Another important advantage is that you can enjoy an even heat distribution. Floor heating will also not spoil the look of your interior, as it is invisible. Also ideal if you have limited space! It is the best option for people with allergies. Because it heats up via radiant heat, dust is less likely to spread. So you see, there are plenty of reasons to consider underfloor heating!

Which floors can be combined with underfloor heating?

Before installing underfloor heating, it's important to know which floors you can best combine it with. A floor with a low heat setting works best in combination with underfloor heating. What kind of floors can you choose from?

Tiled floor

Underfloor heating can be combined very well with ceramic tiles. This floor can withstand the temperatures of underfloor heating. Natural stone tiles are also suitable. Natural stone is an even better option, because it conducts the heat even better.


Another type of floor that combines well with underfloor heating is cork. Cork is a good conductor and insulator. Compared to a tiled floor, the floor will heat up less quickly, but the advantage is that the heat is retained longer.

Cast floor

Cast floors are becoming increasingly popular because of their great applicability and trendy look, but did you know that cast floors can also be perfectly combined with underfloor heating? The material easily absorbs heat.


Do you love a parquet floor? Then there is good news, because some parquet floors can be perfectly combined with underfloor heating. It is often wrongly thought that underfloor heating and parquet do not go together. But this is certainly not the case. It does depend on the type of wood you choose. An oak floor can be combined very well, whereas beech, maple and ruby wood are not recommended.

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