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Have you just bought a new house and want to remove the old floor covering so that you can furnish your new home entirely according to your taste or for hygienic reasons? Maybe you are renovating a house and just want to have something new and remove the floor in different rooms to give your home a new, fresh look? Floor removal is not for everyone. Do you need help with this? Our floor specialists are ready for you!


Have you recently bought a new home and wish to remove the old floor covering in order to furnish your new home according to your taste or for hygiene reasons? Maybe you are renovating and just feel like something new and therefore want to remove the floor in several rooms to give your home a new, fresh look? Removing a floor is not for everyone. Do you need help with this? Our flooring specialists are ready for you!


In what cases should you remove a floor?

For hygienic reasons: Old floor removal is often done for health reasons. Especially when it comes to removing a carpet or removing a wooden floor, hygiene plays a big role more than once. If you have lived in the same house for years or you have recently bought a house where someone has lived for years with pets or small children, it is not unlikely that a small dirty accident has regularly taken place on this floor. Therefore, removing the old carpet is the best option in this case.
Renovation work: It may be that you are simply fed up with the current carpeting or floor tiles and therefore you are going to remove your wooden floor or your tiled floor. To avoid possible inconveniences in the future, it is always better to remove the underlying floor before installing new flooring.
Your floor is in very bad condition: Sometimes you have no other option and you have to remove your floor, want it or not. If the tiles or carpet are completely damaged with cracks here and there, your floor is undoubtedly in need of renewal.

Removing a floor is no mean feat and this also often requires expensive materials. Have you no experience with this? Then you run the risk of damaging the subfloor and walls, with all the consequences this entails. Leave this job to one of our flooring specialists and be sure that your floor will be removed professionally and without damage.


What are the costs for floor removal?

The costs charged for removing a floor vary from floor to floor. We discuss the most common types of flooring below to give you a realistic idea.

PVC floor: By PVC floor removal, we mean wood-free parquet floors. They serve as an alternative to natural stone, laminate or parquet.
Wood floor: Wood floors can range from solid wood floors to laminate parquet or laminate.
Carpet: Carpet elimination usually falls under glued floor removal because these floor coverings are glued to the subfloor.
Tiled floor: By a tiled floor, we mean a tiled floor. This can be granite or marble floor tiles but also natural stone or slate for example.

PVC floor removal

Also removing a PVC floor, usually belongs to the category of "glued floor removal". Removing this floor is a tough physical job that requires attention to detail. Of course, our professionals constantly see to it that your home is not damaged and they remove your PVC floor using a stripping machine.
The price for a PVC floor removal depends on the following two factors:

Size of the area to be removed

It needs no extra explanation that you pay more as the area to be removed increases. The price for PVC floor removal ranges between €10 and €15 per square meter.
Hiring a container: Do you have a considerable amount of old PVC flooring to dispose of? Then it is advisable to hire a container for this purpose. A standard container can hold around 4 cubic meters of waste and will cost around €150.

Remove a wooden floor

Before removing a wooden floor, our professional must first determine what type of flooring was used before he can remove it.

Floating floor: Has your parquet been laid floating (= without using glue for installation)? Then the job is done in no time for our flooring specialist and therefore you pay relatively little. The cost for this is around € 5 per square meter.
Glued-down floor: Removing a glued-down floor takes more time because it requires specific materials. In this case, you should expect to pay between €10 and €15 per square meter.

After a wooden floor is removed

It obviously has to be disposed of. In most cases, you can simply dispose of this yourself if you have a van or van. Most municipalities have waste parks where you can bring the wood free of charge. Is this not the case in your town and would you like our professionals to remove the wood? Ask about the price in advance.

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