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Have an underlay laid by a specialist

Would you like to know which underlay to choose and what it costs to lay one? Then read on!

The importance of an underlay

People often think that laying an underlay is an unnecessary luxury, but that is usually not the case. For most floors a good underlay is very important. If you lay an underlay, you can also enjoy a number of extra benefits, depending on the type of underlay you choose.

One subfloor will provide better thermal insulation while another will insulate sound better. Whatever type of underlay you choose, it will always make your flooring last longer so you can enjoy it for longer.

Which underlay should you choose?

Choosing the right underlay is not that easy, because which underlay you need depends on the type of floor you choose, whether or not you want underfloor heating and a few other factors. Below we give you some tips on how to find the perfect subfloor!

Subfloor for laminate or parquet

Laying an underlay for laminate is very important because it prevents moisture from seeping into the floor from below. If you are going to lay a subfloor for laminate it is therefore important that you choose a moisture-resistant subfloor, unless you are laying the subfloor on a wooden base floor. Laying a subfloor for laminate on wood is not a good idea because this can even lead to mold. So in that case it is better not to lay a subfloor.

Of course, you can lay a moisture-resistant subfloor for laminate if there is a concrete base. Not only moisture resistance is important if you are looking for a subfloor for your parquet or laminate. If you live in an apartment building it is also important to make sure that the subfloor is soundproof. That way you won't have any noise pollution and you won't have any noise pollution either.

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