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Sanding wooden floors

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Wood floor sanding / parquet floor sanding

A beautiful wood floor brings style and character to your home. It creates a cosy, natural atmosphere. It's no coincidence that wooden floors are so popular. However, it is true that you need to have a wooden floor maintained. Especially if you want to continue to enjoy a beautiful floor. Is your wood floor in urgent need of maintenance? Then find out all you need to know about wood floor sanding and varnishing and wood floor sanding costs below!

Why it's wise

Having your wood floor sanded on time is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. Although a wooden floor has a beautiful appearance, it can get scratched over time, either by dragging furniture or simply by being walked on. If this is the case, your floor will have a worn-out appearance. This is easily solved by having your wood floor sanded. After sanding, a finishing coat of lacquer or oil is usually chosen for an even more beautiful result! The lacquer or oil layer makes the floor easier to maintain and gives it a fresh look.

When is it wise

You sand a parquet floor when you notice that the floor has become dull. Sanding and finishing it gives it a fresh look again. In addition, sanding your parquet floor is also recommended when it has too many scratches. How often your floor needs to be maintained depends on how fast your floor wears out, i.e. how often it is walked on and how good the quality is. In general, it is best to have your floor maintained once or twice a year.

Which floors can be sanded

When people talk about sanding a wood floor, they usually mean sanding parquet floors. This is not always the case. Basically, all wood floors can be sanded, with the exception of laminate. Laminate consists of compressed wood fibers and has a wood print and is therefore not ideal for sanding. If you do it anyway, you can damage the floor. So you can only sand parquet, softwood floors and parquet floors.

How a professional works

Would you like to have your wooden floor sanded by a professional? Then it is useful to know exactly how he will work. Below you'll find more info about the wood floor sanding procedure!

Coarse or fine sanding

First, the professional will sand your wooden floor with the right sander and sanding paper to achieve the desired result.

Sanding edges

Once the large surface has been sanded, the edges of the wall and small corners will be taken care of.


The floor will be nicely finished with another sander for the fine work. As a final step, he will varnish or oil your floor (after removing dust and dirt).

Wood floor sanding and varnishing or sanding and oiling

Sanding a wood floor almost always involves a beautiful finish. In that case, you can choose between oil and varnish. Which is the best choice?

Sanding and varnishing

If you choose wood floor sanding and varnishing, this will save you a lot of cleaning work. This is because varnish makes it harder for dirt to adhere to your floor. Not a fan of a shiny floor? That's no problem, because nowadays there are also lacquers that don't shine. If you have your wood floor treated with lacquer, you will have to have this treatment repeated regularly.

Sanding and oiling

Another option is to have your wood floor oiled. This type of finish also has a number of advantages. By having your wood floor oiled, the wood textures will remain beautiful to see. In addition, you can give your floor a unique look, by using color oil. If you choose oil, there are plenty of options.

The disadvantage of oil is that your floor must be cleaned regularly. In addition, it is also best to wax your floor for the first 2 months, twice a week, so that it can maintain its appearance. Choosing to finish with oil is not the easiest option for you, but it will give your floor a very nice look. Another great advantage of oil: your floor won't need to be maintained for 20 years. So it will save you a lot of money!

Wood floor sanding costs

Before you have your wood floor sanded, it's useful to find out more about wood floor sanding costs. The cost will depend greatly on a number of factors, but in general you can expect a cost between 25 and 35 euros per square meter. This price includes materials and labor. Are you curious about the cost of sanding and varnishing or oiling?

Sand your floor yourself or choose a professional

Is it best to sand your floor yourself or hire a professional? That's a question you've probably asked yourself many times. In principle, sanding a wooden floor is not very difficult, but it is important to do it properly. So that your floor stays beautiful

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