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Laying tiles via Zoofy

The floor you choose for a room is more important than you think. It largely determines the look and coziness of your home. There are a lot of floor types to choose from, including floor tiles. Floor tiles are still very popular and that's not hard to believe, because they have a lot of advantages and give your home a nice look. Are you also considering laying tiles? Then you will find out more below about the costs of laying floor tiles, the possibilities, and so on.

The benefits of laying floor tiles

If you choose to lay tiles, you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits. For example, laying floor tiles is a good choice if you would like underfloor heating, because you can combine it perfectly. That way, the tiles will feel nice and warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer. One of the main advantages of tiles is that they are durable. If you choose to lay tiles then you will be able to enjoy your floor for a long time. Because it is so strong it can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Ideal if you have little rascals running around the house.

Laying floor tiles: which tiles fit best in your interior?

If you want to lay tiles, you'll have a wide range to choose from. Tiles come in different materials, sizes, colors and so on. Based on material, we can divide floor tiles mainly into two major groups: ceramic tiles and natural stone tiles. Which tile floor is the best choice for you?

Natural stone tiles

The first kind of tiles you can choose for are natural stone tiles. These tiles are a very popular choice both for modern and country interiors. These tiles come straight from nature and therefore have a unique look. No two tiles are identically the same and this brings character to your interior. Compared to ceramic tiles, they are a bit more expensive, but considering the special look, it is worth the extra cost.

If you choose to install natural stone tiles, there are still many options. For example, you can choose slate, hard stone, marble, granite, limestone and many other types. Which type of natural stone tile you choose best depends on the look you want to create in your interior. Marble tiles are good for a luxurious look while slate tiles fit nicely in a rural interior and hard stone tiles give your interior a tough look.

Are these tiles the best choice for you? Choose these tiles if you are looking for tiles with a unique and natural look. If you find it important to choose tiles that are very strong and long lasting and you are willing to pay more for this then this is the best choice for you. Usually this kind of tiles are used in the hall, bedroom, bathroom and toilet.

Ceramic tiles

Another option is ceramic tile laying. If you choose to lay ceramic tiles then you will spend less money. This is because ceramic tiles are a lot cheaper than natural tiles. This type of tile is baked and minerals and a glaze are added during the manufacturing process to make the tiles more sturdy. The glaze layer can be applied in all possible colors. So laying ceramic tiles is a good choice if you want to bring color into your interior.

Even if you choose to lay ceramic tiles, there are several types you can choose from, such as terracotta, cement tiles and greens tiles. Each type of tile has its own unique look and will give your interior the right atmosphere.

Is ceramic tile laying the best choice for you? Ceramic tiles have a completely different look than natural stone tiles. They have a more authentic look and therefore are a better choice if you want to make your home cozier. Moreover, they are available in an awful lot of colors. They are often chosen for a romantic, retro or classic interior. Ceramic tiles can also be applied in any room, but choose glazed tiles if you want to lay them in humid areas.

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