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When you are planning to lay a new floor, leveling your floor is not an unnecessary luxury. Would you like to know more about floor levelling costs, floor levelling for PVC and why it is so important? Find out everything you need to know below!

When should you level your floor?

Levelling your floor is something you do primarily with the aim of installing a beautiful, new floor. By levelling your floor you ensure that the surface is flat and smooth. With some floor types, leveling is almost a necessity. This is especially the case if you want to install a new PVC floor. It is also recommended if you want to install thin floor coverings, such as laminate, carpet and vinyl.

Levelling a PVC floor

Pvc floors are available in a huge number of designs, which is why they are so popular. If you too are crazy about PVC flooring and want to have it installed, then you should level your floor for PVC. Levelling your floor for PVC is necessary, because otherwise you can feel everything that lies underneath the floor: cracks, dust, grains. This is anything but pleasant. Levelling your floor for PVC will therefore increase your comfort!

The methods

Do you want to level your floor? The best results are achieved by having a professional do it. Levelling a floor can be a lot of work. You'll save yourself the trouble by outsourcing the work. But how will a professional proceed? Exactly how a professional will proceed depends on the type of floor. We give you an overview!

Levelling concrete floors

When levelling a concrete floor, the large holes in the floor must first be filled with cement. In most cases when leveling a concrete floor, an adhesive primer is also used after sanding and cleaning. Leveling a concrete floor is one of the easiest jobs. Because of this, you will not pay much for a concrete floor leveling job.

Wood floor levelling

Leveling a wood floor is also an option. When leveling a wood floor, fiber-reinforced leveling mortar will be used. Before the professional can level a wood floor, the floor must first be made stable. He does this by removing protruding nails and other unevenness.

If there are moving floor boards, they are also first secured with screws. A top layer of chipboard is laid down and gaps and cracks are filled with quick cement. Then the boards are treated with floor primer and finally the professional can level the wood floor. So there is a lot more involved in leveling a wood floor than in leveling a concrete floor.

Levelling tiles

Do you have a tile floor at home that you are tired of seeing? Then you can also have your tile floor leveled. When leveling a tile floor it is especially important that the floor is made completely grease-free with a degreasing agent. Before doing this, the professional will first roughen the tiles with a polisher and remove loose particles and dust. After degreasing, a primer will be applied.

Levelling a PVC floor

Do you want to level a PVC floor? Then the professional will level the PVC floor by first cleaning the screed and then applying a primer. As a final step, the leveling layer will be applied to the floor.

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