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Type of baseboards

When you've just had a new floor installed, baseboards are a great finishing touch. You can easily create the look you want, because there are several types to choose from. Below you'll discover the options and also find out more about the skirting board installation costs!

To choose skirting boards or not?

When you have a new floor laid, the next step is to install skirting boards. However, this is not always necessary. With some floors, you can also choose not to lay skirting boards. This is the case, for example, when you have a cast floor.

Nevertheless, skirting boards have their advantages. They are not just there for decorative purposes. If you decide to place skirting boards, they will give your walls extra protection and prevent damage in the plaster. With a wooden floor, skirting boards are almost a necessity, because they provide a nice finish. So installing skirting boards is always a good idea!

What kinds of skirting boards are there?

Have you decided to install skirting boards? Then you will discover that there are many types of skirting boards to choose from. Making the right choice is not always easy. To help you, we've listed the possibilities below!

Skirting boards

A first option is skirting boards. These skirting boards are very cheap and easy to install. Usually they are only used for finishing. Skirting boards have an adhesive strip on the inside with which you can easily stick them to the wall. Of course, you must first cut them to the right size.

Skirting boards with clip system

As a second option you can choose skirting boards with a clip system. These are ideal if you like change, because you can easily replace them or take them with you when you move. Skirting boards with a clip system can be attached by placing the clips in the wall and simply attaching the skirting boards to them.

Skirting boards

Skirting boards are skirting boards that can be placed over your old skirting boards. This is convenient because this way you do not have to remove your old skirting boards. It will save you a lot of time and work and ensure that the wall will not be damaged. You can easily paint over this type of skirting board so it fits nicely into any interior.

Cable moulding

Cable tray skirting boards are another option. As the name suggests, these skirting boards are made to hide equipment cables. Cable tray skirting therefore has an extra function and is the ideal way to finish off your floor nicely!

Installing high skirting boards

Placing high skirting boards is also becoming more common in Dutch homes, these high skirting boards are also called wall skirting boards, because they are partly stuck to the wall. Usually the skirting board is painted in the same color as the wall. Of course, you can also choose a wall skirting board in the color of your floor, or a different color skirting board.

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