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Lay down flooring

Lay down flooring
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It is probably preferable to leave laying a PVC or wooden floor to a professional. This way you can be sure that everything is properly measured and tightened. Describe what needs to be done and make an appointment with a handyman in your area.

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Het ging niet snel maar wel heel goed werk geleverd, echt netjes. Ik ben er blij mee.

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RSN Security & Technics Ramesh Narain

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Prima werk, Ramesh Narain belde me ruim van tevoren zodat hij de juiste spullen kon inkopen en dat was heel verstandig. De klus, vervanging van een lekkend sifon, was snel geklaard. Meneer kwam netjes op tijd en was vriendelijk. Dat is ook belangrijk tenslotte!

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NUKTAP Patryk Kunc

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Multitool Klussers Terence Canters

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Prima! Alles heel netjes geschilderd en goede communicatie over wensen en mogelijkheden. Een echte vakman!

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Have your PVC floor laid by a certified professional

PVC flooring is a favorite for many people because of its desirable properties. Although laying a PVC floor may not seem too exciting, there are a number of things to consider. Awkward nooks and crannies can be problematic, as very precise cuts have to be made. In addition, the floor must be properly levelled if you are going to glue on the PVC. After all, you don't want a bumpy floor that wears out more quickly. For these reasons, many people choose to hire a professional to lay the PVC floor. What does it cost to lay a PVC floor?

You're probably curious about: What does a PVC floor cost? The cost of PVC flooring installation varies from floor to floor. For example, a click PVC floor usually costs only 7 to 10 euros per square meter. Gluing a PVC floor with strips costs an average of 18 to 21 euros per square meter. Finally, you can choose to glue a PVC floor in patterns. For this you have to be prepared to pay 25 to 30 euros per square meter. In addition, the floor specialist also charges his fair hourly rate. In most cases the hourly rate is between 45 and 65 euros. Often you will spend in total about 18 to 30 euros per square meter for the floor itself and the labor costs of the flooring specialist.

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