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Van gas naar inductie en inductiekookplaat installeren
Elektricien Kosten inductiekookplaat aansluiten kostenoverzicht

What does an induction cooktop cost

Tuesday 13 February 2024

The average cost for connecting an induction cooktop is between €80 and €150. These are the average prices our professionals charge. There are also costs for materials. In this price guide you can also read more about possible extra costs.

Induction cooktop connecting costs

When replacing a kitchen, many people switch to induction. On the one hand because of the great ease with which you cook through induction. On the other hand because it is sustainable and a good alternative to gas-free living.
It may be that you choose to connect the induction hob yourself. Do you not have an electrician in the house? Then a professional can do the connecting of the induction cooktop for you. The induction cooktop costs consist of labour. In addition, what is needed to cook on induction varies per situation. Is your fuse box sufficient in terms of groups? Is it necessary that the induction stove is fixed in the kitchen? These are all extras that together determine the final cost.

Cost overview connecting an induction stove

In this cost overview we assume average prices that our reliable professionals charge.

Activities Costs
 Connecting an induction hob €80 to €150
 Connecting cable €10,- to €20,-
 Milling the kitchen worktop €50,-
 Creating an extra group in the fuse box €200,- to €500,-
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously performed. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.
We from Zoofy offer an extensive network of professionals. Including certified electricians. It is advisable to discuss your personal needs and situation with the professional. This is so that the price in your own living situation can be accurately determined.

Induction stove connection explanation costs

The above cost overview indicates that the costs of connecting an induction hob are on average between €80 - €150. However, this price applies if you are already cooking on induction. If you are currently using electric or gas for cooking, then more labour is needed to make your kitchen cook-ready. Are you already cooking on induction? Then the professional can easily remove the old induction cooktop and attach the new one to it.
It is a more expensive and different story if you cook on electric or gas. Then an electrician is needed in addition to the professional. This is because they have to check whether your distribution board is ready for cooking on induction. It is also better to let an electrician do the connecting of the induction stove.

If you already cook on induction, it is good to know that you can hand in your old induction stove. This can be done at an environmental street. But you can also discuss with the professional whether he or she can hand it in for you. This often involves disposal costs. Another possibility is to ask if you can hand in your old induction cooktop. Then consider the store where you are buying the new induction cooktop.

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