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Buying and installing a boiler

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Is your old central heating ready for replacement? Then you can choose to buy and install a new central heating boiler. Are you curious about how much it costs to buy a central heating boiler, including installation? Read more about it in this article!

What does it cost to buy a central heating boiler?

In most houses a central heating system has a lifespan of 15 years. Longer or shorter is also possible. Having an old central heating system (longer than 15 years) can entail health risks. Think of the danger of carbon monoxide. An old central heating can also become less efficient in use. Buying and installing a central heating boiler is an investment. This investment pays for itself. On average, after 6 years the investment for the purchase of a new central heating system pays for itself. This is reflected in your energy bill and the reduction in consumption. Installing a central heating boiler also costs money. This is because your house may not be ready for the installation. For example, because the professional first has to re-rout the pipes, or replace old ones in the wall.
On average it costs between €1200 and €2600 to buy and install a central heating boiler.

Cost overview central heating installation

What are the costs for installing a central heating system?

CV installation costs €350-€400
maintenance €50,- per hour
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.
The final price depends on the kind of boiler you choose. We advise you to always have a boiler installed by a professional. It is also advisable to take out a maintenance contract. Besides an annual check, the mechanic will also repair broken parts. This all contributes to a well-functioning CV. One that you will enjoy for years.

Explanation of types of boilers

What types of boilers can you choose from?

HE boiler
VR boiler

Purchase HR-boiler

An HE boiler stands for high efficiency. Within the HE boiler, you can also choose a solo or combi boiler. A combi boiler heats your house and water. A solo boiler only heats the house. For hot water you need to install a boiler.

Purchase a VR boiler

A VR-boiler means Improved Efficiency. With a VR-boiler you can also choose for a solo or combi boiler.

A micro-CHP boiler

The micro-CHP boiler has a double function. This boiler heats your home as well as electricity and hot water. The average purchase price of this boiler is higher.

Choice from the following heating brands

You may feel overwhelmed when looking for a new central heating system. What are brands that are known for their quality? The professional can provide you with the best advice. They know best what the developments on the market are doing. They can also make an estimate of the most sensible boiler for your home.
The following brands are A brands: Nefit, Atag, Remeha, Intergas. These are in the more expensive price segment. Looking for a slightly lower price, but with good quality? Then Ferroli or Vaillant boilers are an attractive alternative.

A CV can consist of 6 classes. The combination CW1 to CW6 stands for. The highest power is CW6, the lowest is CW1.
Do you want to know what capacity is needed to heat your home? Then answer the following questions:

Do you have a bath?

How many rooms will you need to have hot water in?
How big is your house?
What kind of house do you have? Is it detached, semi-detached or attached?
Installing a boiler
The professional often assumes that the new boiler will be installed in the same place as the old one. If this is not the case, this can result in higher costs. The professional will need more material and labour to prepare the pipes and room for installation. Good to know: the installation of a CV is often 40% of the total price.

Boiler maintenance

Read more about the costs of maintaining your central heating boiler here.

Why to choose Zoofy

Having your CV installed is a job that needs to be done right. A professional is the right person for this. Zoofy offers many professionals and jobs. From plumber to gardener. Would you like to tackle your hallway right away when installing a new CV? Then the carpenter and tiler can also be found quickly through Zoofy. Always with the assurance of a professional who delivers good work. And who thinks along with you to achieve the best result.

Why Zoofy?

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How does Zoofy work?

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