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Wooden window frames prices

Monday 06 September 2021

When you need new window frames, you can choose from various materials. However, wooden windows have many advantages and are therefore worth considering. Find out more about the benefits and how much they cost below!

What are the timber door and window frame prices?

The price of wooden window frames depends on several factors. However, on average you can expect to pay between 750 and 900 euro for wooden frames. This price is for a window frame of one square meter. The table below gives you a more detailed overview of the costs of the different tasks. This makes it easier to determine exactly what you should pay for your wooden window frames.

Costs wooden frames per item

Tasks Costs
Labour costs 49 to 55 euro per hour
Price frame per metre Between 350 and 400 euros
Scaffolding rental 60 euros per hour
Erection of scaffolding Between 90 and 120 euro
Crane hire Between 300 and 700 euros