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Attic renovation costs

Tuesday 04 June 2024

Do you have an attic that is not used for anything except storage? Would you like to convert that attic into a bedroom? Or maybe you need a nice hobby room, a workplace, game room or guest room? Then converting an attic is a good plan. Renovating an attic gives you a lot of living pleasure, you gain space and such a renovation also contributes to an increase in the value of your home. There is often more to converting an attic than meets the eye.

What can you have rebuilt?

Attic spaces are often neglected. Dark, uninsulated and unheated spaces with creaky floors where you can't stand up straight and often only accessible with a loft ladder. It can be a fairly extensive and challenging job. For more daylight, you can install a roof window or even a dormer. This will give you a lot of daylight and walking space. For the renovation of your attic, call in a professional via Zoofy. They can map out the entire job. Maybe you need insulation, extra electricity boxes or a partition with a door. The professionals of Zoofy are professional and reliable.

What you should know about attic renovation

What does it cost to convert an attic?

Are you curious about the prices of an attic conversion? You can read them in the table below. The average prices mentioned include the labor costs of the carpenter that you booked through Zoofy and include VAT. Call-out charges are never applicable.

Type of work Average price
Installing a partition wall € 600 to € 1,000
Apply interior roof insulation € 20 to € 50 per m²
Roof insulation on the outside € 40 to € 60 per m²
Installing a dormer window € 3,500 to € 8,500
Plastering € 13 to € 25 per m²
Placing a fixed staircase € 2,000 to € 5,000
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

The price structure of an attic conversion

On average you will pay € 11.000 for the renovation of an attic, but higher or lower amounts are of course also possible. The final amount depends on your wishes. In the cheapest scenario, a straight staircase is installed, a skylight placed, the roof insulated, electricity and heating installed and walls, floor and ceiling finished. In an average scenario, a dormer is placed, a staircase with a turn and a partition. If you are talking about a dormer, a roof window and a staircase with two turns in it, this is the most luxurious scenario.
Below we give you an overview of the different possibilities and what you should pay attention to.

Installing a roof window or dormer

In order to get more (day-)light into your new room, it is best to have the carpenter install a roof window. This provides more light and is actually always desirable to have installed in your new room. The average cost of installing a 140 x 80 cm plastic pivot roof window is approximately €750. Then having a dormer window installed is a good option. This way you create enough extra space and a lot of light enters the attic. The price for having a dormer window installed also depends on your choices. Will you go for a prefab dormer or for custom work? And which material will you choose?
In the table below you can read the average price including the hourly wages of the craftsman and VAT.

Type of material Prefab dormer Custom dormer
Wood €3,500 €4,300
Synthetic €4,000 €5,000
Polyester € 5,000 This option is not available

Insulating the roof

If you are going to renovate your attic, and if it has not been done yet, insulate the roof. Did you know that up to 30% of heat is lost through an uninsulated roof? That is not only bad for your wallet but also for the environment. The total cost of insulating the roof depends both on the type of house and on the average surface area to be insulated.

Installing a partition wall

If you want to divide the attic into several rooms or, for example, hide the existing central heating system, you can install a drywall. In general, the costs for placing a drywall are between €50 and €80 per m².

Installing a fixed staircase

Can you only reach the attic via a narrow loft ladder? Not very practical, especially when you use the new space, for example a bedroom, on a daily basis. You can also choose between an open or closed staircase. An open staircase is cheaper than a closed staircase but it is also less safe than a closed staircase. Also, more heat is lost through an open staircase. A closed staircase, on the other hand, is more expensive, safer and loses less heat.


As icing on the cake you can, of course, plaster the new attic space for a nice finish. At Zoofy the hourly rate for a plasterer is € 50 including VAT.

Sun protection

Despite applied roof insulation, your new attic space can still get pretty warm. After all, it is the highest point of the house. Therefore consider installing sun blinds. This can be done both on the inside and the outside of your new window/windows. Think of blackout blinds, screens or shutters. Depending on the type of sun protection and whether you choose electric or manual operation, the prices for sun protection are on average € 60 to € 100 per m².


Despite roof insulation and sun blinds, is it still quite warm? Then you can consider installing an air conditioning system. Nice and cool and an added value for the house. You can find the average prices for air conditioning here.

Do you want to renovate your attic? Contact your professional via Zoofy

Now that you know everything about the average costs of an attic conversion and what to look out for, you can quickly and easily book a professional carpenter for your attic conversion through Zoofy.
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