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Costs of stairs renovatie

Tuesday 27 December 2022

What does a staircase renovation cost?

The costs of a staircase renovation differ per situation and depend on several factors. The average costs for a staircase renovation are €1.250,- for a simple staircase to €3.000,- for a luxurious staircase with lighting. What kind of stairs are you talking about? An open staircase? A straight staircase? A closed staircase with a quarter turn?  Do you want to have LED lighting installed? What materials will be used? Below we give you a general impression of the possible prices for staircase renovation, as applied by upstairs stairs.


Type of stairs Costs

Simple staircase renovation, straight stairs, cheaper materials Average € 1,250
Standard staircase renovation Average € 2.000
Luxury staircase renovation, for example with lighting and handrails or risers Average € 2,950
The price structure of staircase renovation costs
The labour costs are always the biggest cost item of a staircase renovation. Approximately 35% of the total cost of a staircase renovation consists of labour and 50% of material costs. Add another 20% for extra options, such as staircases with LED lighting. On average, a staircase renovation costs between € 1,000 and € 3,500. Other people who have stairs renovated pay on average € 2,000. The professional that you booked via doesn't charge for call-out fees. Please note that Zoofy does not provide quotes. The final price is communicated by the hired professional.

Why have a staircase renovation done

Every time you go up or down the stairs, you don't get very happy with such a dreary sight. Are you tired of worn steps, flaking paint, frighteningly thick carpet or hideous half-moons? There is a way to give your staircase a whole new look without having to buy a new one: stair renovation. Staircase renovation involves adding a new staircase step over each existing step. Unfortunately, no two staircases are the same and so the new staircases have to be fitted to size over the existing ones. This is not only a very labour-intensive job, but also a very precise one.

What is involved in a stair renovation?

First of all, a choice will have to be made from the many possibilities. Not only in terms of material but also colour. The professional, which you can easily arrange via, has a sample of the materials and colours. Covering the new stairs can be done with various types of wood, laminate, linoleum, PVC, concrete look or carpet. He or she will also inform you about all the (im)possibilities and costs of staircase renovation.

The pros and cons of a staircase renovation

The professional will advise you about the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials and their applicability and also about the costs of renovating your stairs.
This is an ideal opportunity to give your home a different or more modern look. Would you like to combine a concrete look with metal? Perhaps you will have LED lighting built into the steps, ideal in dark rooms? The banister and the bars can also be included in the stair renovation. They can be replaced by a different material and shape or even be removed. For inspiration take a look at upstairs stair renovation.

Before a staircase renovation can actually be started, materials such as stair mesh and carpeting have to be removed from the existing staircase. You can start this job yourself but it is often done by a professional in a much shorter time frame. This saves you a lot of time, mess and stress.


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