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Costs of installing skylight

Wednesday 05 June 2024

There is a lot more involved in installing a roof window than in installing an ordinary window. Are you curious about the possibilities and the costs of having a roof window installed by the experienced handymen of Zoofy? Find out more in the article below!

Costs for installing a roof window

The exact cost of installing a roof window cannot be calculated as it depends on many factors. Not only the price of the roof window itself but also the price to install the roof window and the desired type of roof window have an influence on the total cost. In general we can say that the total cost of installing a roof window varies between € 200,- and € 800,-. We will discuss the factors influencing the price of installing a roof window below:

1) Roof window price

It is obvious that the price of the roof window itself has the biggest impact on the final price. The price of the roof window is determined by the following elements:

Size of the roof window

The bigger the roof window, the higher the price. Do you want to replace or have a small roof window installed? Then logically you will pay less than for a large window over 1 metre high and/or wide.

Material of the roof window

Are you satisfied with a standard PVC roof window or do you dream of a zinc or wooden roof window? PVC is usually cheaper and also requires very little maintenance. If you opt for a wooden skylight, on the other hand, you need to consider an extra budget for painting every few years.

Type of roof window

Skylight window: a skylight window allows you to ventilate the attic quickly and easily and also provides the necessary light. Because of its simplicity, this window is the cheapest alternative.
Top-hung pivot window: a top-hung pivot window can be opened fully towards the outside so that you can enjoy optimum ventilation and a maximum view. This window has a handle and hinges for user-friendly operation and consequently costs more than a skylight window.
Rocker window: the rocker window is the cheaper variant of the top-hung window. Unlike the top-hung pane, the bottom-hung pane hinges in the middle. In terms of operation, these windows are very similar.

Brands of roof windows affect cost

As is the case for all products on the market, roof windows also have significant price differences between different brands. Everyone knows by now that a Velux roof window is the most expensive while a roof window from other well-known brands such as Fakro or Winstar is slightly more affordable.

Additional options

Would you like a roof window with extra options to increase the life and/or convenience of your roof window? Then of course you will pay more than if you choose a standard roof window. The most popular extra options are:


Operating options: with most roof windows you have the choice of manual or electric operation. You understand that a roof window with electric operation costs more than one that is operated manually.
Glazing: while stronger glass is more expensive than standard glass, it also reduces heating costs because of its insulating properties. Check what the options are for your home.
Exterior shading: do you want to fit your window with an insect screen or were you thinking of other window decoration, such as horizontal blinds or a roller blind that you can operate electrically? All these options involve extra costs.


2) Roof window installation costs

The total cost of installation comes down to the following factors:

Size of the roof window

Installing a large roof window that needs to be brought up by crane costs more time and money than installing a small, simple roof window.

Installation on the roof structure

Will the skylight fit seamlessly into the roof structure or will our professionals need to remove a piece of the roof? The more complex the installation, the higher the final price.

Type of roof

Depending on the type of roof you have, roof window installation becomes easier or more complicated. Installing a skylight on a roof fitted with tiles is usually easier than if it is a slate roof because it involves more felling and cutting work.

Height of the roof window

When exceeding a certain height, due to safety precautions, our experts have no choice but to hire a crane. The average cost of a crane is around € 100 per hour.

3) Finishing

Once your roof window is installed, you have a choice of finishes. Would you like to insulate your window, apply a special varnish or consider a moisture-resistant material? Our workmen will assist you with expert advice and practical tips.

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