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What does installing a pergola costs

Thursday 29 December 2022

Costs for building a pergola

The cost of building a pergola ranges from an average of €2,128 to €5,800. Large pergolas, custom-built structures or those using high quality materials can cost €10,000 or more. A gazebo is usually a smaller structure and starts at around €200 for a kit. A free-standing trellis can cost between €100 and €1,500 or more.

Pergola Prices by type

Type pergola Average cost
Standard €90-€180 per square metre
Pergola with slats €60-€150 per square metre
Smart €180-€190 per square metre
Retractable € 900- € 3,000 or more total*.
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us. Retractable roofs for pergolas come in many sizes. Talk to a professional to see which size works best for your structure.

Pergola with slats cost

A slatted pergola costs an average of €60 to €150 per square metre for an automatic system. The roof can open and close in sun, rain or other weather conditions.

Smart pergola costs

A smart pergola costs from €180 to €190 per square metre, installed. These pergolas open and close depending on the weather and can be controlled with a remote control or your smartphone.

Pergola with retractable roof prices

A retractable roof ranges from €800 to €3,000 or more. This option has a roof that can be fully retracted from the top of a pergola.

Material costs pergola

Pergola material Average cost per square metre
Aluminium €30-€90
Hardwood €120-€150
Cedar wood €75-€110
vinyl €30-€90
making a pergola

Aluminium pergola

An aluminium pergola of 20 square metres usually runs from €600 to €1,800 . This is one of the cheaper building materials for pergolas.

Hardwood Pergola

A 20 square metre pergola made from hardwood can cost between €2,400 and €3,000. This popular material is insect and rot resistant.

Cedarwood Pergola Costs

Like hardwood, cedar pergolas are also insect and rot resistant and typically run from €1,500 to €3,500 for a 20 square foot model.

Vinyl pergola

Vinyl pergolas typically run from €600 to €1,800 for a 100 square foot model. This material is popular because of its low maintenance nature.

Pergola installation costs

Total installation costs for a pergola range on average from €2,000 to €6,000. Labour costs usually run from €500 to €1,000, but can be higher depending on the complexity of the project. Expect to pay from €1,000 to €5,000 for materials. The larger the project, the higher your material costs will be.

Costs for building a pergola over a patio or terrace

Building a pergola over a terrace or patio will be slightly more expensive than building a stand-alone structure. You will have to pay the extra cost for wooden ties, metal brackets and/or plate anchors to ensure the structure is stable.

Stand-alone versus pergolas attached to a house

Stand-alone pergolas may have higher material costs than those attached to a house. This is because stand-alone options require four poles to stand, while attached options only require two poles.

It is important to consult a local pergola professional if you are considering an attached pergola. Attached designs can affect the structural integrity of your home if installed incorrectly. Most attached designs also require a permit.

Cost of a custom pergola

A custom built pergola will be more expensive than one from a kit or prefabricated structure - it can cost €10,000 or more . The price increase varies depending on how customised the structure is. Some customisation options include:

Different column designs and styles

Staining or painting
Electrical wiring for lighting, outdoor televisions or ceiling fans
Plumbing for outdoor kitchen set-up
Retractable cover
Built-in chairs

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