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Costs of installing decking

Wednesday 28 December 2022

Everything you want to know about decking, what it is, what it can be used for and what does decking cost, you can read here!

Costs of laying a decking

The costs of laying a decking depend on the number of square meters and the type of material. On average a decking costs 60 euros per square meter. So if you need 20 square meters of decking this will cost an average of 1.200 euros excluding installation. At Zoofy you pay 50 euros per hour for a professional gardener. 

What is a decking?

Originally, a decking is nothing less than an outdoor floor made of wood and lying loose from the ground. Decking was originally constructed in common areas, for example as a jetty by the water. Even a narrow walkway, sometimes only two planks wide, used to be referred to as a decking, which served to reach the other side. Even one narrow plank across the ditch was called a decking.

Cost overview for laying decking

Are you curious about the costs of laying decking? The costs of laying a decking are determined, among other things, by the material used, the height and the width. The costs of laying a floor can be read from the table below. The prices are exclusive of installation (the hourly wage) by the professional, which you can of course book quickly and easily via Zoofy.

Type of wood Plank thickness Plank width Costs floor board per m²
Impregnated European softwood 2.8 centimeter 14.5 centimeter € 34
Douglas fir or larch wood 2,8 centimeter 14,5 centimeter € 40
Hardwood, grooved 2.5 centimeter 14.5 centimeter € 60
Bankirai grooved 2.8 centimeter 14.5 centimeter € 80
Hardwood grooved 2.8 centimeter 14.5 centimeter € 100
Bankirai smooth 2.8 centimeter 14.5 centimeter € 100
Bankirai smooth 2.8 centimeter 19 centimeter € 110
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.
To the above average price per m² must be added the average hourly rate for the professional. The average hourly rate for a gardener or carpenter, which you can quickly and easily arrange through Zoofy, is € 50.


Why are decking so popular?

Decking is hugely versatile and suits almost every garden style. Wooden decking has a cozy and warm feel, composite decking is an asset around the pool. No matter what kind of decking you have installed, a decking adds character to your garden and is a particularly beautiful way to dress up an outdoor space. Because of the various types of beautiful materials and clever construction systems available, almost anything is possible in terms of shape and size. A decking can easily be used in combination with other materials and provides a playful or exciting image. Think of a sleek tiled floor in combination with a round decking.

Do you want to create a difference in height? Installing a decking terrace at height is easier than an elevation with decorative paving. Height difference makes your garden more dynamic. Sometimes a decking is just a must, for example when the ground is slippery or wet.

What is the application of a decking?

Decking is usually used as a floor for a luxury terrace and the placement of and large lounge set. A decking is also often installed under a porch or canopy and sometimes as a walkway or walkway over a pond. Decking is also often used around a swimming pool, Jacuzzi or hot tub. If you are lucky enough to live by the water, then a private jetty (decking) is of course ideal. But a decking can also be used on a balcony or a roof terrace and will give a concrete floor or a roof with bitumen a completely different look.

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What is involved in installing a decking?

Do you want to build a decking terrace? The cost of decking terrace installation is now transparent. For the overall picture, it is good that you know what work is involved in laying a decking. Good preparation is half the battle. First of all, you will need to map out all the materials that will be needed. Of course you can also quickly and easily use Zoofy to call in a professional who will map everything out with you.

The subfloor

Does the decking need to be installed at the same level as an existing floor? Probably a layer of about 20 centimeters will have to be excavated first. Then a layer of 10 centimeters of yellow sand has to be put back. The other 10 centimeters are needed for ventilation under the decking and for drying of the decking after a rain. Without ventilation, wood or decking boards can become extremely warped and may even come loose. Do you have to deal with a hard type of soil or very damp soil? Then the installation of drainage is recommended.

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