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What does water pipe installation/replacing cost?

Monday 05 December 2022

There are those jobs that are best left to the professional. One of them is installing or replacing water pipes, as well as installing a kitchen or washing machine tap. This is a specialized job. It is very important that the installation or replacement of water pipes is done extremely carefully. After all, there is a lot involved. Think of the measurement work, cutting to size, deburring and coupling. Only when this is done properly are you protected from leaks and can you use all the water services in your home for years without any problems. You don't want to think about having to chop or break, a kitchen that has to be partially assembled or your newly laid floor that is warped because a water pipe is leaking somewhere?

When do water pipes need to be replaced or newly installed?

If you have bought another home or you are renovating an existing home, you will often have to deal with replacing or laying water pipes. Existing pipes may be redundant or inconveniently in sight. In other places, they are missing again. Changing or renovating a kitchen or a bathroom, installing a new toilet, are all areas where a water pipe must be installed. You then immediately have the opportunity to move water pipes that were previously not laid attractively or to have them neatly concealed in the wall or under a cabinet.
Does your home still have lead pipes? Replace them! More on this below.

The costs of installing water pipes

The cost of installing or replacing a water main in your specific situation depends on a number of factors. The costs consist of the plumber's hourly rate, the materials used and the area where the work is being done.
We are happy to give you an indication of the average costs per room. These prices include the installation of the water pipes, the labor costs, the materials and the VAT.

Water pipe installation Cost indication
in the toilet € 60 to € 300
in the bathroom € 200 to € 550
Under the floor additional costs € 100 to € 300
for an outside tap € 150 to € 300
You can also use an average price per metre for laying a water main.

Water pipe length Cost indication
Length up to 1.5 metres € 300 to € 400
Length of 2 metres € 600 to € 750
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Are you wondering why the prices for installing water pipes in a toilet are so much lower than those in a bathroom or kitchen? The reason is a simple one. In both the kitchen and bathroom, there are more fixtures and appliances that need to be connected to the water. So that means more parts, separate couplings and more bends. In addition to the extra materials needed, the plumber will also need more time to do this. All this in turn results in a more expensive price tag. However, if the plumber has to do even more work, it can again be cost effective.
The starting hourly rate for a plumber, which you book quickly and easily through Zoofy, is € 65.

How much does it cost to install an outdoor faucet?

Because the work for the installation of an outdoor faucet is different from the above, we will mention it separately. The average cost to install or replace an outdoor faucet is between € 140 and € 350. These prices include the insulation of the water pipe and the drilling of a hole in the cavity wall or foundation.
Factors that affect the cost include:

- is there already a water line underground?
- Is there already a water connection present?
- Are you opting for a frost-free outdoor tap?
- What kind of material is the outdoor faucet made of?
- What is the distance from the tap to the existing water supply?
- Will you choose a wall plate or a wall column? A wall column is the more expensive but also neater option.

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