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Cost of repairing stucco

Wednesday 28 December 2022

Do you also love beautiful tightly plastered walls? Unfortunately, not all walls remain smooth over time. Especially in a house that is lived in, for example with young children or adolescents, there is a real chance that the plaster on the walls will be damaged.
Is this the case with you (yours)? You can then choose to have a new plaster layer applied to the entire wall. Another option is to have a plasterer repair the plaster locally. In this article, you will read more about the repair of stucco, what the average costs are for repairing stucco and who you can best hire for this job.

What does stucco repair cost on average?

In the table below you can see the average costs, you have to take into account when the professional comes to repair your stucco. Please note that based on the dimensions the final costs may vary from the amounts below.

type of work average cost

Indoor plastering repair less than 30 m² € 250 to € 400-
Repair stucco work indoors per m² € 10 to € 25

Why outsource your stucco work

It is not for nothing that we say, each to his own trade. The (rete-) tight plastering of walls and ceilings or repairing plaster on local damages to the wall is and remains a difficult job. A badly plastered wall will always be an eyesore. Especially when repairing it is important that afterwards you no longer see where the damage was. The advice is to leave the repair of stucco to the professional (of Zoofy). This professional ensures a smooth plastered result which you will undoubtedly enjoy for years to come.

Which components influence the price of plaster repair?

The reason why you want to have your stucco repaired can always be different. It is possible that damage to the stucco has occurred as a result of a leak, or that cracks have appeared in the stucco due to the functioning of your home. However, the cause is not important and does not affect the cost of stucco repair. Still, the average price you pay for repairing your stucco will vary from job to job. This has to do with both the number of square meters to be repaired but also with the degree of damage to the stucco.


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