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Balcony renovation costs

Thursday 27 January 2022

Do you have a flat, a flat or a house with a balcony? Then sooner or later you may have to deal with a balcony renovation. This can turn out to be a major balcony renovation if the maintenance is overdue, but it can also be a smaller balcony renovation, for example installing a new top layer on the balcony floor. In the following article we will explain what work you need to take into account, how things work and what the costs of renovating a balcony might be.

Balcony renovation costs

What exactly a balcony renovation costs or what the costs of restoring the balcony will be, is different for each situation. The condition of the balcony, the size of the area to be repaired and other circumstances, for example the use of an aerial platform, all play a role. The price of balcony renovation therefore depends, among other things, on the nature of the concrete repair. Or perhaps you would like to have new decking laid.

Below is an example calculation of the average price for the repair of concrete rot. These costs include labour, materials and VAT.

size repair repair average costs
large repair balcony € 500 to € 1,200

Unfortunately, when the work is more extensive, the balcony renovation costs go up further. This is usually the case when there is:

Unforeseen additional work

Drilling in and replacing the reinforcement of the balcony
Bracing the concrete structure of the balcony
Usually the professional can make a realistic estimate of the expected costs for the repair of your balcony in advance. If you hire a professional through Zoofy, you always know in advance what the hourly rate will be. In this case, the hourly rate is € 69. Of course, you can also use this professional when you want to renovate your balcony.

Balcony renovation needed?

The first sign that your balcony might need renovation is concrete rot. Concrete rot is the name for a certain damage that occurs in concrete or concrete structures. In concrete constructions there is always a reinforcement of steel or iron. This metal reinforcement can rust after some time. Due to this rusting, the metal expands and the concrete around the reinforcement is slowly but surely pushed away. This will cause (hair-) cracks to appear in the concrete. Read more about concrete rot here.


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