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How Much Does It Cost to Exterminate Ants

Monday 03 June 2024

How much does it cost to control ants

For many people, there is no worse sign of a dirty or unkempt home than the infiltration of pests such as ants. If you find ants inside your home, you will probably find them outside as well. For most ants, this is usually not a problem, but if you have fire ants or carpenter ants, you may also want to tackle the nests or hills to prevent them from coming in.

The cost of ant control varies between €175 and €325, with the average homeowner spending €250 on general ant treatment, excluding fire and carpenter ants. The price can go as high as €1,000 for carpenter ant control for both treatment and remediation. At its lowest, you pay € 150 for general treatment.

Pest control for ants

Ant control prices
Average cost € 250
Average range € 175- € 325
Minimum cost € 150
Maximum cost € 1,000
Costs ant control

Costs of ant extermination per location

Some professionals charge destruction costs based on the nest or infestation location. Some ants will infest the kitchen; others, such as moisture ants, may infest the bathroom and more. Each of the locations is unique, based on furniture and accessibility.

Location Cost
Kitchen € 80 - € 300
Scullery € 80 - € 300
Cooker € 85 - € 350
Carpet € 100 - € 300
Barn € 100 - € 300
Potted plants € 100 - € 350
Walls 100 - 500
Lawn € 100 - € 500
Bathroom 100
Garage € 100 - € 600
Window frame €125 - €400
Ceiling € 125 - € 500
Heating ducts €135 - €350
Yard €150 - €300
Floor boards €150 - €350
Cellar €150 - €500
Attic €150 - €600
Crawlspace €75 - €500
Bedroom €200 - €500
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Ants in the kitchen

The costs for controlling ants in the kitchen vary from €80 to €300. Ants are common in kitchens, because it is a source of food and water. Examples of ants found in the kitchen are pharaoh, scent ants. Scented ants give off a pungent odour and make your kitchen uncomfortable. The cost of exterminating ants in the kitchen depends on the size of the kitchen and the severity of the infestation. Kitchen ants are usually easy to treat with minimal costs for baiting and trapping.

Ants in the pantry

Costs for ants in the pantry vary from €80 to €300. The pantry is a good food source for ants. However, you can prevent infestation by storing and sealing your food properly. The cost of ant control depends on the size of the infestation and the species of ants. Ants in the pantry cost the same estimated price as kitchen ants with bait used to eliminate the pest.

Ants in the stove

The cost of removing ants from a stove by a pest controller varies from €85 to €350. Stove ants are a problem that homeowners should address immediately for hygiene reasons. In most cases, the ants have moved in behind the stove to look for food. Bait traps are usually used to remove ants from the cooker. Once exterminated, the kitchen should be thoroughly cleaned to remove crumbs and other debris that might attract the pests.

Ants in carpet

It costs between €100 and €300 to remove ants under the carpet. You may have an infestation if you notice ants in your carpet. A colony of ants can nestle under your carpet if you have leakage or rotting wood. Food crumbs also attract ants to your carpet. It is advisable to do maintenance against leaks and rotting wood and to remove crumbs. The cost includes lifting the carpet to apply pesticide treatments underneath.

Ants in a barn

The average cost to treat ants in a barn ranges from €100 to €300. Ants are particularly invasive in outdoor structures such as barns. When carpenter ants are seen in a barn, they have often damaged the integrity of the wood. Spray treatments are used to remove ants in a barn. Barns should be disinfected after the treatment to prevent reinfestation.

Ants in flower pots

You will pay around €100 to €350 to control ants in plant pots or the surrounding areas. Ants can also get food and shelter from plant pots. Pests that suck sap from your plants usually attract these ants because of the sugary sap they leave behind or have in their bodies. The ants can nest in your garden or house. Treating the actual plants with a repellent is the cheapest way to remove ants from potted plants.

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