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Cost of new fuse box

Monday 01 April 2024

Is your distribution board ready for replacement? Then you've come to the right place! Our electricians will professionally install a new distribution board at your home. Before you replace a distribution board, you will probably wonder about the costs. In this article we will give you more information about replacing a distribution box. And about how these costs are built up. So you know where you stand!

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Costs of a new distribution board

It makes a difference in price whether you replace your distribution board or choose a completely new one. Replacing a distribution board costs less than installing a completely new one. The amount of the costs depends on these factors:

the connection costs
The earthing
The distribution board itself

Questions the professional you can ask are: How many phases do you need? 1 phase stands for 220V, 3 phases for 380V. But also: does the current home connection meet the required phase?

Cost overview group cabinet replacement

Number of groups Cost
4 groups €350 - €420
6 groups €350- €420
8 groups €375-€500,-
10 groups €450- €600,-
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously performed. The final cost may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Extra services Costs

Installing a wall socket €40-€65
grounding €150-€200
Installing a light point €100-€200
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When to choose for a new group box?

The cost overview above is an average. Depending on the type of fuse box you choose, but also the number of working hours, the price may be higher or lower.
Replacing the distribution board, also called replacing the meter box, can be done when there is a change in the house. For example, if you choose an induction cooktop after a kitchen renovation. This while you used to cook on gas. An induction stove uses a lot of electricity. An increase in the number of electrical devices can also be a reason to replace the distribution board. Do you have solar panels? Then this is also a reason for meter box replacement.

Another reason for replacing the meter box is when a device needs a different place in the house. Or if your meter box is outdated and in need of replacement. For the installation of a completely new meter cupboard we always recommend a professional. This is because it is a precise and accurate work. The professional knows exactly how to safely connect a new meter box and what technical work is required.

On average you need this per house for meter cupboard replacement

That a terraced house may need more groups than an apartment will not surprise you. On average, an apartment needs 4 to 6 groups. In comparison, a row house needs 8 to 12 groups. The load of the appliances and the number of appliances in the house determine the number of groups. With or without earth leakage switch, which group box do you choose? And what about phase 1 or 3? An electrician knows the answers to all these questions.
We will go through the questions one by one.

Is an earth leakage switch necessary?

A ground fault circuit interrupter is indispensable for the safety of your home. The earth leakage switch protects your meter cupboard in the event of a short circuit. The earth leakage switch turns off the group in question. A residual current switch is not only necessary but also mandatory. The costs of an earth leakage switch are on average between € 25 and € 250,- At the costs of a new group cupboard you can add the costs of an earth leakage switch.

Do I choose a phase 1 or phase 3 distribution board?

If you use appliances that work on power current, you will automatically choose a phase 3 distribution board. Most households have a phase 1 group cupboard. In companies you will see more phase 3 distribution cabinets. The costs of a new meter cupboard depend on the phase group cupboard that is needed.

Choosing a group cupboard

Our advice: do not skimp on a group box. The group box allows your household appliances to keep running. It turns out that A-brands perform better than B-brands when it comes to group boxes. Hager, Holec and ABB link are the best known meter cupboard brands. Replacing a meter box is a perfect time to choose the best group box. A professional will always pay attention to the quality mark of the distribution board. Our advice is to do the same as a consumer.

Besides the brand of the distribution board you also choose the number of groups. You can choose a group box of 4, 8 or 12 groups. To know how many groups you need, there is the following formula:
Most groups are 16 Amps. By looking at the major electrical appliances in your home, you will see that it says how much power they use. This makes it easy to calculate the number of groups. Not all appliances are on at the same time. This ensures that a 12-group distribution board is not required by default in every home.



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