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Pellet stove installation price

Wednesday 28 December 2022

Are you considering purchasing a pellet stove, for example as a replacement for your open fireplace or wood-burning stove? Are you curious about the costs for the installation of a pellet stove and how the costs are calculated? Would you like to know which tasks are involved in installing a pellet stove? Zoofy will be happy to inform you about the installation of a pellet stove and everything that this involves.

Different options for the installation of a pellet stove

A pellet stove can be installed in two different ways. A pellet stove can be installed as a free-standing pellet stove or as a built-in pellet stove. Is there an existing fireplace in the home (with a functioning flue)? Then a built-in pellet stove can be set up directly in the existing room. This is the most economical option. No extra flue pipe has to be connected to the flue. If there is no existing fireplace, you can choose a free-standing pellet stove. Is there an existing chimney? Then the free-standing pellet stove can be connected to the chimney by means of a flue pipe.

What if there is no chimney

If there is no chimney, it will have to be newly installed. Another option is to take the flue directly outside and install a flue along the outside wall. There are some conditions attached to this and it is not the preferred option. The professional, who you can book through Zoofy, can tell you all about it. For the record, the term flue pipe is actually not correct here. When the pellet boiler is properly connected by the professional (and you can be sure of that with a professional who you booked through Zoofy) and you use good quality pellets, your burning pellet boiler will not smoke. The only smoke a pellet boiler develops is at the start. This smoke lasts for about one minute.

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