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Washing machine tap replacement costs

Monday 15 November 2021

Washing machine tap replacement costs

There are some jobs that only happen once in a while. But when they do, it is good to know what the possibilities are, what the costs will be, and who you can hire to do the job. In this article, we will explain everything about replacing, repairing or having a washing machine tap installed. First, we will explain the difference between a washing machine tap and a regular tap.

Washing machine tap replacement cost overview

Do you want to know what the costs will be when you have to replace a washing machine tap? Fortunately, it's not an arm and a leg. The price for a standard washing machine tap including an aerator and non-return valve is between € 10 and € 20.
When you let a Zoofy professional replace a washing machine tap, you don't have to pay call-out charges. You also know in advance what the hourly rate of the professional in your area is. In this case that is € 79.

The operation of the non-return valve in a washing machine tap

Although the washer valve's non-return valve has the same safety function as an aerator, it is a different form of protection. When the water pressure drops, the non-return valve prevents dirty water from flowing back into the drinking water mains. At that point, the non-return valve will shut off the water supply. When the tap is placed lower than the dishwasher or washing machine, a washing machine tap with a non-return valve is commonly used. However, the safest option is to have a washer valve with both a non-return valve and an aerator installed. Then you are doubly protected. You can read more about how an aerator works below.

The operation of the aerator in a washing machine tap

Should an unforeseen vacuum occur in the water pipe when a water pipe in your street bursts, the aerator will prevent this from happening. When a water pipe bursts, the water pipes will empty, sucking water and air out of the water pipes present in your home. This allows dirty water from your washing machine or your dishwasher to flow back into the drinking water pipes. The aerator in a washing machine tap prevents this and ensures that only air but not water is sucked in. Water supply companies have made it mandatory for washing machine taps to be fitted with an aerator for safety reasons.

Can a faulty washing machine tap be repaired?

When your washing machine tap starts leaking, it may indicate that the aerator is leaking. Dirt may have gotten between the moving parts of the aerator. Not only dirt, but also limescale can be the possible culprit. Perhaps the rubber ring of the aerator has worn out, causing the aerator to no longer seal properly. The plumber, which of course you can easily and quickly arrange through Zoofy, can best assess whether repair is possible. If the defect can be solved in a simple way, the plumber can carry out the repair. If not, the professional will certainly advise you to replace the washing machine tap.

Usually, a washing machine tap is not turned off. However, if you do, for instance when you go on holiday or move house, chances are you will encounter problems. For instance, the washing machine tap may not let any or only limited water through when opened. Usually, this has to do with calcification of the inner workings. Although descaling may offer a solution, the professional will recommend replacing the washer tap. This is because the cost of the repair does not outweigh the relatively cheap replacement cost of a washing machine tap. What's more, you'll be able to move on without any problems for years to come.


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