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What does a painter cost in 2023

Tuesday 20 December 2022

Painting, we all have to deal with it at some point in our lives. On the internet, we are flooded with paint supplies and techniques, but the most frequently asked question is "what does a painter cost per hour?". In this article we explain in detail what costs you can expect when you leave your painting jobs to the professional painters of Zoofy.

Costs for a painter

How much a painter costs exactly depends on the way the price for the painting is calculated. For certain jobs we charge per m² while for other projects we work with an hourly rate. In specific cases, you can also request a quote directly for the full project price.

Costs painter: overview
Costs painter on the basis of project price € 75,- to € 1.000,-
Costs painter per hour € 49,- to € 55,- 
Costs painter per m² € 10,- to € 35,- 

*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.
The costs mentioned in the table above are excluding VAT and are based on average prices of jobs previously done by Zoofy.

Costs painter based on project price

When it comes to painting a certain surface, such as a door or a staircase, we usually make an offer directly with the total price of the project. The prices for painting a door, for example, start at € 75,- and can go up to € 125,-. A style door in bad condition needs more paint than a flat door that is in excellent condition. Do you want to have your stairs painted? Then you should take into account a cost between € 400, - and € 1,000, -.

Costs painter per hour

For the painting of several doors, windows or furniture at the same time, we usually use fixed hourly rates. In this case, a difference is made between interior and exterior painting.

Interior painting

Both for painting a few old chairs and for repainting an entire room or several rooms or houses at the same time, you can call on an interior painter. An interior painter paints absolutely everything. From walls and ceilings to window and door work and small and large furniture. Usually you pay between €30 and €40 per hour for an interior painter.

Exterior painting

Are you planning to give your façade a fresh coat of paint or is it time to repaint your garage or terrace? Then you should look for an outside painter. For an outside painter you usually pay between €30 and €40 per hour.


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