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Costs of garden landscaping

Wednesday 28 December 2022

Have you recently bought a newly built house? Is your plot still completely virgin and would you like to turn that empty space into a garden? Or have you bought an old house whose garden has been neglected or doesn't meet your needs at all? Then it's time for action. There are a lot of things that need to be done when creating a garden or renovating a garden. Are you curious about the possibilities and the final costs of garden construction? Would you like to be assured of the best professional for your garden construction? Then Zoofy is the place to be!

What does it cost to build a garden?

The average costs of landscaping, are made up of several components. If you want to have a design made for your garden, the average costs are between € 200 and € 350. Count on an average price for laying out your garden of between € 30 and € 70 per square meter. What that means for your garden is simple. Multiply both the lowest and the highest price per square metre by the surface area of your garden. The two resulting figures are the average of the lowest and highest prices for laying out your garden. There is a second option. You pay the gardener on a time and materials basis, per hour. At Zoofy the starting hourly rate for a gardener is € 50. What does a garden cost in the end? As soon as you are brought into contact with a gardener by Zoofy, you can discuss the plan of approach together and the total costs will soon become clear.

To give you an idea, the table below shows the average costs for landscaping. These costs are inclusive of VAT. These costs may differ from the quote of the gardener.

How are the costs for laying out your garden determined?

The final cost that you have to pay to the gardener through Zoofy, depends on a number of factors. The surface of your garden, the size of the project, special wishes and material choice all play a role in determining the price of garden construction. That is why we will take a closer look at the various possibilities.

The garden design

It is perfect if you have already worked out the design of your garden. The gardener will be happy to implement your design, possibly with some tips or improvements. However, investing in a garden design is well worth it. The gardener or the garden architect with whom the gardener works often has a fresh and neutral view on your garden. The experience, creativity and knowledge of the gardener will certainly come in handy. Things like sightlines, height differences and suchlike are taken into account in the garden design. On average, a garden design costs between €300 and €900.

Laying paving, grass or a wooden terrace

Your new garden or the garden that you are going to renovate will almost certainly have new paving, grass or a terrace.
Laying grass is the cheapest option. You should allow for an average of € 4 to € 9 per square metre.
When it comes to paving, the situation is slightly different and the average price depends on the type of tile you choose and whether or not a new sand bed has to be dug. For each square metre, you should allow for an average of €67.
Would you like to decorate your garden with a nice wooden terrace? If so, you should allow for an average price of € 137 per square metre.

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