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Ornamental fencing prices

Wednesday 28 December 2022

Ornamental fencing prices: What cost of installing a decorative fence

Have you decided that you want a fence around your garden? But not a boring fence or simple fence? An ornamental fence is a wonderful way to enclose your garden. It is stylish, it lasts for decades and it ensures that not just anyone can walk into your garden. So it's high time to look at the cost. An ornamental fence gives a whole new look to your garden or driveway and is therefore well worth the investment. But you have to expect that it will be quite an investment, especially if you need a long ornamental fence. Fortunately, there are several choices you can make, making the fencing more expensive or cheaper, so you can stay within your set budget. That's why we've compiled an overview of average ornamental fencing prices, so you can easily make the right choices.

Ornamental fencing prices

If you have ornamental fencing installed, there are various costs involved. First, of course, the cost of the fencing itself. Then there are the costs for making and installing the fencing, or the labor. On average, a decorative fence costs about 2000 euros, but of course this depends on which fence you want to have installed and how many meters of fence are needed. The finishing of the fence also affects the total cost. For example, by only having the fencing galvanized, you are much cheaper than if you have the fencing coated. A non-standard color for the coating adds even more cost. In addition, the design of the fence is important. The more decoration on the fence, the higher the cost will be. If you deviate from standard sizes for the fencing, you should also expect additional costs. In short, there's a lot you need to think about and which can change the decorative fencing prices.

Overview of ornamental fencing prices

To give you an indication of the costs you have to take into account, we have made an overview of the average prices per meter. If you know how big your new ornamental fencing has to be, you can calculate the expected costs this way.

Product Fence prices per meter
Galvanized ornamental fencing 35 to 90 euros
Galvanised ornamental fencing with standard coating 40-120 euro
Galvanised ornamental fencing with a coating in a different color 60-160 euro
Overview of ornamental fencing gates prices
An ornamental fence also includes a gate. Although you can also choose to leave the driveway or the entrance to your garden open, a nice gate gives something extra to the fencing. In addition, your garden is then completely enclosed when the gate is closed. Also in gates you have different variants. From a small walking gate suitable only for pedestrians to a wide gate you can also drive a car through. And then do you want a gate that you twist or slide open? An electric gate is also convenient, because you can open it without having to get out of the car, but of course that comes with additional costs.

Product Ornamental fencing gates prices

Pedestrian gate 130 to 300 euros
Swing gate for cars 450 to 900 euros
Electric swing gate for cars 600 to 6300 euros
Sliding gate for cars 1,500 to 2,000 Euros
Electric sliding gate for cars 4.000 and 5.500 Euros

How are the ornamental fencing prices constructed?

The prices for ornamental fencing consist mostly of materials, on average about seventy percent. The rest of the cost is labor. Therefore, if you find ornamental fencing a big savings, you can also save the most by choosing the material smartly. A metal fence for garden should always have a protective coating to prevent the metal from rusting. You can protect the metal in several ways. Galvanized metal is the cheapest. Your fencing will then have a silver-gray color. If you don't want that, then you choose a coating. Powder paint is then applied to the metal. A coating requires little or no maintenance and extends the life of your fence considerably. Your fence will last longer with a coating than when it is only galvanized. The standard color of the coating is black or green. If you want a different color, you can, but the coating will be more expensive. The powder paint in your favorite color then has to be specially ordered or even manufactured. On the other hand, an ornamental fence will last for decades. It is then important that the fencing is completely to your liking. In addition to the finish and color, an ornamental fence can be made in different designs. The more complicated the shapes of the metal, the more expensive it will be. A "custom" ornamental fence with your own design is, of course, the most expensive. Installing a fence usually costs the same, no matter which variant or color you choose. That's because the amount of work won't matter.


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