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Garden maintenance prices

Thursday 02 May 2024

A well-maintained garden is much more inviting than a lush garden. A well-tended garden allows you to relax completely and, what's more, it helps you maximise the life expectancy of your flowers and plants. Don't have a green thumb or don't have the time to do the work yourself in your outdoor living room? Leave this job to the Zoofy gardeners and enjoy a beautiful, colourful garden all year round. What are the usual garden maintenance prices and what does it cost? In this article we explain it to you.

What does garden maintenance cost?

Garden maintenance prices logically depend on the size of your garden but also have a lot to do with the actual work itself. Do you have a lot of lawn and relatively few flowerbeds? Then our gardeners will have less work than if you have a garden full of flowers and shrubs. Do you want to have your garden maintained once or do you want to have a regular contract? All these factors influence the cost of your garden maintenance.

Garden maintenance prices: overview

Hourly rate gardener €50,- to €56,- 
Landscaping €40,- to €80,- per m2
*The garden maintenance prices in the table above include VAT and the required materials. These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Hourly rate gardener

The hourly rate charged by the gardener is one of the factors that determine the price of your garden maintenance. Depending on what exactly needs to be done (mowing the lawn, pruning, fertilising, removing weeds, etc.) the hourly rates can vary from €50 to €60.

Garden landscaping

Do you want to renew a part of your garden with for instance a pond or a lively flower bed? Then it is no longer garden maintenance but garden construction. The average prices for landscaping are between €40,- and €80,- per m2.

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