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Costs of replacing glazing beads

Thursday 04 April 2024

By replacing your window slats, you ensure that your window frames will last longer and be more secure against burglary. It is therefore an important job that you should not skip. Before you have them replaced, it is of course useful to know the price of replacing slats and to gather more information. Everything you need to know to prepare properly is below!

What are the costs for replacing the slats?

You must be curious about the cost of replacing glass strips if you plan to have it done. However, it is true that the cost of replacing slats depends very much on the professional that you hire. Therefore, it is not easy to put a specific price on it. Replacing the slats is rarely done alone. It is usually done together with another job.

For example, you can let a glazier replace the slats if you also let new glass be placed. A painter can also replace the slats when he does paint work for you. The carpenter does this as part of installing your new window frame. Below you will find an overview of the costs of glass strip replacement per professional!

Costs for replacing glass strips and painting

Outside painting wood between 49 and 55 Euros per hour
Inside painting wood between 49 and 55 Euros per hour
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Costs for replacing glass strips by a carpenter
Carpenter's rate: between 55 and 65 euros per hour

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