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Cost of installing a wooden terrace

Wednesday 12 June 2024

The cost of installing wooden deck boards at €9.41 - €12.20 per m². The actual price depends on the size of the job, the conditions and the finishing options chosen. Despite the increasing interest in composite products, wood decking remains the most popular choice among homeowners. Over the past 10 years, traditional wood decks have experienced a resurgence. 

Installing Wood Decking: The Average Cost

The average material cost for installing wood deck boards is €3.83 per square meter, with a range of €3.15 to €4.51. The total price for labour and materials per square metre is €9.42. The square metre price ranges on average between €8.21 and €10.64. An average project of 100 square metres costs €942 with a range of €821 to €1,064. Your actual price will depend on the, scope of work, circumstances and finishing options you choose.

Cost to Install Wood Decking

Average Material Cost per Square Metre €3.83
Average Cost ( labour and materials ) for 100 square metres € 942
cost range ( labour and materials ) for 300 square metres €821 to €1,064
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Benefits of a wooden deck

Decking made from hardwood and softwood offers many advantages. They are attractive and durable when properly maintained. Many homeowners find that they prefer the warm, welcoming look of natural wood to synthetic materials and engineered wood.

Wood costs less than composite decking or extracted aluminium, which increases the potential return on investment.
Unlike synthetic materials, wood does not absorb much heat, making it comfortable to touch.
Redwood, cedar and pressure-treated pine are natural choices for homeowners looking for authentic, characterful materials.
When properly maintained, wood decks age gracefully and take on a distinguished weathered appearance that blends in with the surroundings.
The cost of installing a wood deck
The cost of installing a wood deck depends on the size of the structure and the complexity of the design. Ideally, the deck should be large enough to comfortably accommodate chairs, a table, a grill and other accessories. The type of material also affects the cost. Pressure-treated southern yellow pine is the most common option because of its affordability, availability and pest-resistant properties. Redwood and cedar are preferred by purists, while tropical hardwoods such as ipe, cumaru and massaranduba are suitable for high-end applications.

Working with a decking installer

In most areas, building permits are required when constructing a deck. Working with a professional simplifies this process and ensures that the finished structure meets all code requirements. Hvoeniers are experts at selecting materials and using construction methods that prevent warping, sagging and cracking. Improper installation can damage the surrounding structure and create hazardous conditions. In most cases, working with a licensed landscaper is the best way to ensure that the deck is compliant and structurally sound.

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