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Cost of painting stairwell

Wednesday 28 December 2022

It is a good idea to paint your stairwell to give your home a beautiful appearance. But before you do, it is useful to find out more about the costs of painting a stairwell and the things you need to bear in mind. Find out everything you need to know below!

How much does it cost to paint a stairwell?

If you want to paint your stairwell, you are probably curious about the cost of a stairwell painting. However, it is not easy to give an exact price, because the cost of a stairwell painting depends on a number of factors. Nevertheless, you can expect an average price of between 300 and 1,000 euros. The cost of painting a stairwell per hour is approximately between 49 and 55 euros. Here is an overview!

Costs for painting stairwells

Tasks Costs
Total cost of painting stairwell between 300 and 1,000 euros
Costs for painting stairwell per hour between 49 and 55 euros
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Which colour should you choose?

Painting a stairwell adds a nice touch to your interior. But when you paint your staircase, there are of course many colour options. The best colour to choose depends mainly on the colour of the stairs and walls. After all, it is important to create a nice whole. So choose a colour that goes well with the rest!

Also make sure not to paint your stairwell too dark, as this will turn it into a dark hole. This is not so attractive for your interior. Would you still like to work with dark colours? Then you could, for example, only give your banisters a striking dark colour. Would you like more advice on which colours to use? Then don't hesitate to contact one of our experts!

Painting a stairwell: what to look out for?

Painting a stairwell is not an easy job. In fact, there are some points of attention you need to take into account. Below, you will discover how to paint a stairwell using some challenges and also find out more about the best painting method.

Painting the stairwell in sections

In all cases, it is best to paint the stairwell in several parts. Besides painting the walls, the handrails, ceiling and the staircase itself will also be taken care of. Make sure each section has dried well before you start painting another. That way, you will ensure the best result. It is also wise to start with the wall first, before you start working on the stairs, the banisters and the ceiling.

Also keep in mind that each part needs a different kind of paint. Use primer for the stairs, handrail and ceiling first. Choose special stair paint or varnish for painting the stairs themselves. The walls should, of course, be painted with wall paint. If this all seems too complicated to you, you better choose to outsource the work!

Painting carpeted stairs

Painting stairs with floor covering is slightly different. This is because you cannot simply paint along these. If the paint gets on the stair covering, it will be difficult to get it out. Covering with masking tape is no solution, as the paint will run along it. So what should you do in this situation?

If you want to paint a staircase with floor covering, it is best to tape it up and paint along a long ruler or glue comb. Just make sure the ruler is thoroughly clean when you use it for the next job!

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