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Cost of installing screens

Friday 23 December 2022

Costs of installing insect screens

The cost of installing a screen door does not depend solely on its size. The average cost of a screen door is between €250 and €300. The type of insect screen and whether or not it can be easily installed in the frame also influence the cost. Custom made screens are more expensive than those in standard sizes. The table below shows the cost of the various types of fly screen. The cost of installing a screen door is inclusive of tax and the professional's labour.

Cost summary fly screen installation

Type of job or service Average cost
Screen door €250 to €300
Internal screen €40 to €90
Locking screen € 50 to € 100
Roller screen € 45 to € 95
Window screen € 100 to € 150
Measuring the screen €40 to €60
Installing a screen door € 75 to € 125 per item
Installing a window screen € 50 to € 75 per piece
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Why install a mosquito screens

Do you recognise this? Are you enjoying cooking or sitting down to dinner, you are terrorised by a big black humbug. Not to mention the smallest of pests, mosquitoes! They are extremely annoying. If they don't wake you up at night with their buzzing, they will have stung you to death by morning. But wasps, bugs and moths are also characters you would rather keep out. If you want to open your windows and doors but want to be spared from all those unwanted insects, installing mosquito nets is a good solution. Fresh air can still enter your home but intruders remain outside the door (window). Screens can easily be made to measure. Would you like to know all about the possibilities of installing mosquito nets, in which rooms they can best be installed, the costs of custom-made mosquito nets and how you can book a professional quickly and easily? Read all about it below.

Further on you will find a detailed description of the different types of mosquito nets and screen doors.

The cheapest option

The cheapest type of insect screens are insert screens. The clamp system makes them easy to install yourself. Recommended when you have tilt/turn windows made of plastic. A small insert net is available from as little as € 40.

A more expensive option, having a window screen fitted

Having a window screen fitted is a more expensive option. A window screen is placed in front of the window frame and opens and closes from left to right. A good choice if you have an outward-swinging window or an opening skylight. Keep in mind that you will spend at least € 200 for the installation of a window screen, a job you can easily outsource to a Zoofy expert.

The most expensive option, a screen door

Having screen doors installed is the most expensive option. This is because these screen doors are very large. Moreover, there are different types of screen doors available. Keep in mind that having a screen door installed will cost you at least €375. To have mosquito nets installed, book a professional quickly and easily via Zoofy.

Choices that affect the price of mosquito nets

Do you want to have new screens installed or custom-made screens? The following choices affect the final cost.


If you install a mosquito net or screen door yourself, it makes a big difference in the cost of installing mosquito nets. Some insect screens, such as mosquito nets, are easy to install yourself. This can easily save you more than 35% of the total cost.

Type of gauze

Apart from different types of insect screens, you can also choose from different types of gauze. Apart from the standard mesh, which is the cheapest, you can choose an aluminium mesh (which is stronger) or mesh with smaller meshes (which stops pollen).

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