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Costs of installing gutters

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Replacing a gutter costs between €300 and €750 for about 30 metres, or on average €500. Vinyl gutters cost between €10 and €15 per linear metre. Aluminium gutters cost €20 to €30, steel gutters €25 to €35 and copper gutters €35 to €40 or more. One of the possible consequences of owning a house is the natural deterioration of gutters. Properly maintained, high-quality systems can last up to 20 years. However, if you notice that they are sagging or moving away from your home, it is time to consider maintenance or replacing them altogether. The process may seem daunting, but a house without proper drainage is much scarier - and more expensive.

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Gutter installation costs

The estimate for an experienced plumber to install the gutters of a 40 to 95 metre house will cost between €1050 and €2400, depending on the material of the gutter. This estimate includes materials as well as labour. You would expect to pay around €30 per linear metre for installation; however, the price will depend on the cost of living in your area. Your roof pitch will also affect the estimate and you can expect to pay more for a steeper pitch.

Below is an estimate of the average cost of installing a gutter (not including materials) based on the type and extent of the work.

Gutter installation or replacement costs

Project Average price*
Add rain gutters to existing gutters €160
Add gutters to existing gutter system €30 per metre
Install new gutters where there are none €1,750
Replace existing gutters €1,890
*Average costs are associated with seamless gutter installation projects with a larger survey population than other materials. Other materials may vary in price. Prices are rounded to whole numbers.

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