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Wallpaper ready platering

Thursday 06 June 2024

Delivering wallpaper ready, also called plastering ready for wallpaper, is one of the finishing levels that a plasterer can apply. But what exactly is wallpaper-ready delivery? And what is the difference with plaster ready for sauce? You'll find out all about that below!

What is wallpaper ready plastering?

Wallpaper-ready plastering means, as the name suggests, that your wall is prepared for wallpapering on the basis of stucco. But plastering ready for wallpaper is also a good option if you want to spray plaster or have putty applied.

With plaster ready for wallpaper, the plasterer fills and levels out major damage and irregularities in your wall so that it becomes flat. First, the turnip layer is applied. Subsequently, the stucco layer is prepared for wallpaper by means of sponges and filming or by knife. The wall is then ready for wallpapering.

Is wallpaper ready stucco the best option for you?

You may be wondering when you should opt for wallpaper-ready stucco. But there is really no need to doubt, because it is very simple. If you want to wallpaper your walls or ceiling, this finish is always the best choice. You can also use it if you want to have the walls provided with a different finish, such as plaster spraying.

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