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Cost To Install Wall Tile

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Costs wall tiling

The cost of tiling a wall with wall tiles is approximately €7.47 - €15.25 per square meter. The actual price of course depends on the size of the job, the conditions and the desired finishing options. Tiling a wall with new wall tiles can refresh the look of a kitchen or bathroom without the time and expense of a more extensive renovation project. New wall tiles can give a room a traditional look and are easy to clean. For homeowners who are planning to sell or remodel soon, installing new wall tiles can help give the home a fresh look again.

Average cost of wall tiling

The average material cost for installing wall tiles to tile a wall is €25 per square meter, with a range between €25 and €60 per square meter. The total price for labor and materials per square meter is approximately €40 to €65 per m2. A typical project such as a small bathroom will cost around €1,500 and a larger bathroom will easily cost €4,900. The actual price depends on location, scope of work, circumstances and desired finishing options.

Cost To Install Wall Tiles
Average material costs per square meter €40
Average Cost (labor and materials) for small bathroom €1,500
Average Cost (Labor and Materials) for Average Bathroom €3,000
Average Cost (labor and materials ) for large bathroom €5.000
Average cost range (labor and materials) for a bathroom €1.500 - €5.000*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final cost may differ from the invoice you receive from us.Wall tile setting

Types of wall tiles for tiling walls

There are many types of wall tiles to choose from when tiling walls. Read below for the most important properties per wall tile.

Ceramic: easy to clean and durable, these tiles are an excellent choice for messy areas like kitchen backsplashes or bathroom walls.

Porcelain: these tiles are nearly waterproof, making them a smart option for bathroom walls. They generally cost more than ceramic tiles.

Mosaics: when installed, these tiles look like thousands of small tiles. They are usually relatively expensive because they are more difficult to produce.

Natural Stone: Marble, quartz and other natural stones are beautiful, but beauty has a price. These tiles can be extremely expensive.

Choose a reliable and qualified professional

Wall tiles must be laid correctly because crooked or uneven tiles can have a serious impact on the end result. The right amount of tiles should be ordered to avoid running out halfway through the project. After the tiles are laid, an appropriate type of grout should be applied in the correct amounts. For best results, homeowners should consider working with a reliable and qualified wall tile installer for this project.



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