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Cost To Install Kitchen Cabinets

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Costs of kitchen cabinet installation

The cost of installing kitchen cabinets is approximately at €250 - €400 per cabinet. Of course, the actual price depends on the size of the job, the conditions and the desired finishing options.

Whether you are renovating your kitchen or preparing to buy a new home, kitchen cabinets can set the tone for this important room. Before you start looking for new kitchen cabinets, it's important to understand the process of installation. Read on to find out how much it costs to install new kitchen cabinets so you can stay informed about materials, labor costs and repainting versus refinishing.

Average cost kitchen cabinet installation

The average cost to install kitchen cabinets depends on location, scope of task, circumstances and desired finishing options. Below is an overview of the expected costs.

Costs kitchen cabinets installation
Average material costs per cabinet €250
Gem. Cost ( labor and materials ) for 1 cabinet €330
Cost range ( labor and materials ) for 1 cabinet €250 - €400
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously performed. The final cost may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Installing kitchen cabinets

Costs for replacing kitchen cabinets

If you want to replace your existing kitchen cabinets, there are cheaper options than starting from scratch. The contractor will need to remove your old cabinets, which can cost between £350 and £900.

If the inside of your cabinets appear to be in good condition, consider refurbishing or re-finishing your existing cabinets to save money. It is much less expensive than paying for a completely new installation, but it depends on the current condition of the cabinets and for chosen options such as refinishing or refurbishing. Regardless of the option chosen, it will involve costs such as removing your old cabinets, shelves and doors.

Types and costs of kitchen cabinets

The type of material you choose for new kitchen cabinets has a huge impact on the cost. Depending on your budget and desired look, prices can vary widely. Here are the most common options for kitchen cabinets, along with the overall average cost for the material and installation.

MDF Cabinets

This is one of the cheapest options and has a combination of particle board and veneers. MDF easily absorbs water, which means they can warp or deform over time. The cost of installing MDF kitchen cabinets ranges from around €800 to €2,500.

Wood veneer cabinets

These cabinets combine particleboard with real wood veneers for improved durability. You can find wood veneer cabinets unfinished, so you can choose your favorite stain or color. The veneer is usually more resistant to moisture than MDF, but the particleboard on the inside can still warp if it gets wet. Expect to pay about €4,000 to €9,000 to have wood veneer cabinets installed.

Laminate cabinets

This material has come a long way and is also a popular option for worktops. With laminate cabinets, you enjoy a sleek and modern look and they are easy to clean and maintain. Today's laminate is available in a wide range of colors and designs to help you get the look you want. The cost of laminate kitchen cabinets ranges from about €5,000 to €8,000 for materials and installation.

Hardwood cabinets

If you want something durable, hardwood cabinets are a good choice. These beautiful cabinets are quite heavy and also a lot more expensive to install. Even with their high-quality look and durability, warping is still possible with hardwood. The cost of these range from $6,000 to as much as $25,000 or to install.

Thermofoil Cabinets

Although the name sounds like they are made of metal, thermofoil cabinets are actually made of MDF covered with a thin layer of vinyl. These kitchen cabinets are very similar to wood without the high price tag. They are beautiful to look at, but they can also flake and blister when exposed to high temperatures. Installing Thermofoil kitchen cabinets costs about €7,000.

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