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Costs French balcony

Tuesday 11 June 2024

A French balcony, it sounds rather posh. But what exactly is a French balcony? In this article you will read all about it. What it is, what the possibilities are and who is best to call in to realize a French balcony.

What are the costs of a French balcony?

Although a French balcony is much cheaper than an ordinary balcony, it is very difficult to give a price indication. It is always a custom job. This is because the cost depends on many factors. The cost depends on the type of fencing or glass, the depth (dimensions) of the ledge and especially the construction. The construction of one French balcony may be completely different from another French balcony. Influencing factors are walls, roofs, doors, frames, the quality of materials used and other variables.
To give you an idea about the possible costs, the table below is inserted. Prices include VAT.

Type of cost French balcony Price per item
Fencing € 200 to € 400 per running meter
Revolving doors €500 to €2,500 each
Labor / assembly costs € 30 to € 60 per hour
*These prices already take into account the assembly and material costs as well as VAT. These are indicative prices based on jobs previously done on Zoofy. The final price may differ from the prices listed here.

The cheapest option

If you choose a small French balcony, cheap fencing and an inward swinging door, the cost will be about € 1,500. This amount includes €800 in materials, €300 for the trellis and €400 in installation labor.

The average option

If the budget allows it, why not go straight for a larger French balcony with more light and a bigger effect? The cost of a three-meter-wide French balcony with a beautifully finished trellis or a French balcony with glass is easily €3,500 to €4,000 including labor.

The most expensive option

If you have an all-glass wall with a couple of luxurious doors and a complete fence placed in front of it, you have the most expensive option. The average cost for this is easily somewhere between €6,000 and €7,000.

Factors that influence the costs are

The type of material

Fencing and frames are available in different materials. Plastic is usually the cheapest option, steel and wrought iron the most expensive. Each option also has specific advantages or disadvantages. Make sure you are well informed about this beforehand. Cheap is sometimes also expensive.

The dimensions

The larger your new French balcony, the more expensive. By opting for a smaller French balcony, you can often save on costs without losing out on the impressive result.

A French balcony, what is it?

A French balcony sounds foreign and indeed refers to the French balconies found in cities like Paris. French balconies came into prominence because in France it was not always allowed to install a balcony that protruded over the street. A French balcony gives you the feeling that you are still outside. In addition, when it is installed, it creates quite a bit more daylight and gives you more cooling if desired. It optically creates more space in the home.

Do not be misled by the name "balcony", you can not sit on this very shallow "balcony" unfortunately. However, you can enjoy looking outside and leaning over the edge. Because there are no complicated constructions involved in the construction of a French balcony, it is a cheaper option than realizing a real balcony. In addition, it is not permitted to have a normal balcony installed everywhere. Usually there are no problems with installing a French balcony. However, you should always check with the local authority whether this requires a permit or only notification. It is ultimately a change to the (front) facade.
A French balcony is only used on one floor. This is usually the second floor. The balcony consists of doors swinging inwards and a balustrade with a classic (wrought iron) railing or a glass plate, a so-called French balcony with glass. The latter option of course provides even more light and a nice effect. The type of fencing chosen is of course a matter of personal taste and the available budget.




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