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Cost of installing awning

Wednesday 02 June 2021

An awning keeps your home cool. If you have an outdated awning, you may want to think about an electric one. Having an electric awning installed is a job a professional can do with ease. You will soon have a fine electric awning that keeps the heat out. There are sun blinds you can sit under. This way you quickly have an extra, large sunshade to enjoy the summer weather even more. How much does a sunshade cost? A good question, because you want to make sure your budget is adequate. The good news is that there's an awning for every budget. For example, you can have an awning fitted for an average price of €250 to €300.

Cost of a sunshade

The costs of a sunscreen are between €170 and €2000. Quite a difference as you can see. How come the costs of a sunscreen are so far apart? This has to do with several factors. The main reason is the number of meters you need for your awning. For instance, the cost of a 5-metre awning will be higher than someone who has a 3-metre awning installed. The installation and electric operation alone make a starting amount of €700.

Cost overview awning per meter

You can choose for a drop-down screen or an articulated screen. The main purpose of a drop-down screen is to keep the interior as cool as possible. You keep out the heat. An articulated screen also provides a large shaded area in your garden as an extra. An articulated screen has a more expensive purchase price. This is also very beautiful above your patio doors.

The average costs for a sunshade that we mention include VAT. In a cost overview, the costs for a drop-down screen look like this:

Awning width 1 meter Average costs awning per m2
1 meter €170-€340
2 meter €250-€470
3 metres €330-€580
4 metres €410-€690
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

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