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Cleaning the awning

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Cleaning awning via Zoofy

Cleaning an awning can be a tedious job, but it is also a rewarding one, because cleaning the awning not only makes it look good again, but a well-maintained awning lasts longer. Do you go up the ladder yourself to clean an awning or do you have a professional do it for you? In this article you will read how awnings are cleaned, what equipment you need to do it and what the costs are for cleaning awnings.

Why clean blinds?

You may wonder why cleaning blinds is a job you should do, after all, the top - where most dirt is - is often invisible. But a clean and tidy awning looks better and looks fresh. Especially if your awning is on the street side - where other people walk past - you don't want to give off an impoverished or unfashionable image. In addition, keeping your awning clean and making sure the fabric stays tidy is good for the life of your awning. It lasts much longer that way. So cleaning an awning is definitely a job worth doing.

Different types of awnings

When it comes to cleaning awnings, you might think that every type of awning can be cleaned in the same way, but that's not entirely true. Although almost 95% of the time it involves cleaning a large piece of cloth, there are still small differences between cleaning different types of awnings. Therefore, it is useful to know what kind of awning you have at home. The different types of outdoor awnings are:

Awnings: Awnings can be compared to the fabric on a market stall. The sides of the awning are also covered with fabric. This means that the awning blocks even more sunlight.
Drop-down screen: Another name for the drop awning is also called window shading. The drop awning consists of a tube around which the fabric is rolled. The fabric and the tube are bundled into a hood. The fabric can be rolled out completely using two arms.
Articulated screen: The articulated screen is similar in design to the drop-down screen. This type of awning also has a tube at the top around which the fabric is rolled up. The fabric is rolled out as soon as the arm is unfolded.
Screens: Unlike the previous types of sun protection, a screen is a vertical sun protection. In this variation, there is also a tube at the top around which the fabric is rolled out. You pull the fabric downwards, the effect is similar to a roller blind.
Outdoor blinds: Outdoor blinds are the same as indoor blinds, only now they are made of materials that are suitable for outdoor use.

Which cleaning products do you use for cleaning blinds?

If you are going to clean an awning yourself, it is good to have the right cleaning products and attributes at home. Don't have a ladder or do you want to remove stubborn mildew stains from the fabric? Then perhaps you should call one of our handymen to do the job. You do not need a lot of special cleaning equipment for cleaning. What you will need anyway is a (kitchen) staircase, a bucket of warm water and a sponge or cloth. Hot water and scrubbing will go a long way in cleaning blinds. However, there may be stubborn dirt or green deposits on the fabric. In order to remove this and clean the awning properly, you can use HG Zonneschermreiniger or cleaning vinegar. These two cleaning products work well to restore faded colours or remove green deposits from the fabric. Be careful with aggressive chemical cleaners. These agents can damage the fabric. Want to be sure that the cleaning agent is not too aggressive for cleaning an awning? Test a small amount on an inconspicuous part of the fabric. Do you have mould stains or other stubborn dirt? This is almost impossible to clean yourself, in which case it is better to outsource it to a specialised handyman.

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