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Costs of kitchen wrapping

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Kitchen wrapping costs

The average cost of kitchen wrapping is between €450 and €1,500. The final costs are closely related to the size of your kitchen and whether it has many drawers and cabinets. The table below gives you an indication of the average costs you can expect. The amounts mentioned include VAT and the labour costs of the professional (which you obviously hire via Zoofy).

Work Average cost

Small kitchen (4 drawers & 5 cabinets) € 450 to € 800
Medium kitchen (6 drawers & 9 cupboards) € 800 to € 1.200
Large kitchen (8 drawers & 12 cabinets) € 1.100 to € 1.500
*These are indicative prices, the final cost may differ from the invoice you receive from us, as this depends entirely on the work that the professional comes to perform.

Wrapping, what is that exactly?

The literal translation of the word 'wrapping' is 'wrapping'. And that is exactly what the professional or kitchen specialist does. Applying a thin film over existing kitchen cabinets or drawers gives your kitchen an instantly different look. Tired of your kitchen and looking for something different? Is your kitchen still in good condition or do you not want to spend money on a new kitchen? Then you can wrap your kitchen. Kitchen wrapping is a quick and inexpensive way to change the look of your kitchen cabinets.

The benefits of kitchen wrapping

Kitchen wrapping has a number of advantages, which we'll explain below.

1. Affordable

Having foil applied to your kitchen drawers or cabinets is relatively cheaper than painting or replacing them while the overall look of your kitchen can change completely.

2. Quick and easy to apply

Usually a kitchen wrap is completed within one day. Tired of film on one or more cupboards or want something else? You can easily remove the applied film.

3. Relatively strong

Foil is stronger than spraypaint, which is more easily damaged. A wrapped kitchen is therefore a long-lasting solution.

4. good look

Film wrapping produces a beautiful, smooth end result. That can never be achieved with a lick of paint. No bumps, irregularities or streaks. Your kitchen will have a clean look.

5. Many possibilities

Foil is available in many different patterns, colours and textures. Would you like a woodgrain, concrete look or other pattern?

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