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Bee nest removal costs

Tuesday 04 June 2024

Costs of removing a bee's nest

There are different types of bees that can settle in the house. The type of bee, as well as the size and location of the nest, can all play a role in the cost required to remove them. The average cost for bee control varies between €150 and €500 for bee removal. The cost can be as low as €80 for a simple removal of a bumblebee nest to as high as €500 to remove a large honey bee nest from a wall or ceiling. On average, most customers pay €350 to have a medium-sized wood bee nest removed.

Cost overview bee nest removal

Below you will find a schematic representation of the average costs for bee nest removal. 

Prices for bee nest removal  
Average cost €350
Average range €150-€500
Minimum cost €150
Maximum cost €500
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.


Cost of bee nest removal by species of bees

There are actually a number of different species of bees in the world. However, the most common ones on your property are likely to fall into one of three categories:

Type of bee Average removal cost
Bumblebee € 150 - € 200
Wood bee € 200 - € 400
Honey bee € 400 - € 500


Bumblebee removal costs

If a bumblebee infestation has become troublesome, it only costs between €150 and €200 to treat the nest. Bumblebees are larger, but live in much smaller nests. A bumblebee nest can contain up to 50 bees at a time. They live in areas in or near the ground, such as in your garden or under your patio. Bumblebees generally have a gentle nature and are unlikely to sting unless they feel threatened. However, they can sting several times. As with other types of bees, the sting may only be dangerous if they are allergic to bee stings. Since bumblebees are not normally aggressive and their nests rarely cause damage to houses, it is unlikely that they will need to be removed.

Costs of wood bee removal

The cost of eradicating carpenter bees ranges from as little as €200 to as much as €400 if carpentry repairs are needed. Wood bees are solid black and only females can sting. Their sting may not be dangerous unless allergic to bee stings. They make their homes by burrowing deep into wood, especially on decks and in attics. They can cause serious structural damage to your home if not removed in time. Wood bees are more solitary creatures, so they are unlikely to be a major pest. However, there may be several small burrows around your home.

Costs for honeybee removal

The cost range for honey bee removal is huge, ranging from as little as €400 for external removal to as much as €500 for removal from walls or ceilings. Honey bees are social and live in large swarms of up to 50,000 in a single nest. Even a new nest can contain up to 9,000 bees at a time. A honey bee can sting, but usually only does so when it feels threatened, and it can only sting once. The sting can be life-threatening for anyone allergic to bee stings, but for most people it will only hurt for a short time. Removal of bee nests by a company offering these services can be one of the most expensive due to the large nature of their nests and the fact that handling the honey can make things quite sticky. The cost of honeybee removal depends on the size and location of the nest.

Average cost of bee removal by location

The location in the house plays an important role in the overall cost of your bee removal, with prices ranging between €150 and €500.


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