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Bird control

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Too many pigeons on the balcony can cause inconveniences. They produce filth and which can be a nuisance and it’s is not so hygienic either. There are solutions to keep the birds out. Make an appointment directly with a pest repeller in your area.

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Installing bird guards

What to do about birds

Birds are generally very nice to have in your garden. But when they shit all over your garden or balcony, you are not so happy. Some birds can also carry diseases. We have a few tips to help you keep birds away.

Prevention against birds

Do not leave rubbish outside

Do not leave food out
Don't let the birds build nests in your garden or balcony
Once pigeons, for example, have chosen your garden or balcony, they will consider it their own place. It is then very difficult to chase them away and they will return daily to their regular spot. This is why we have a number of tips for chasing away birds.

Keep birds away

Pigeon pegs
It is possible to place pigeon pegs. The birds will not be able to see these pegs and they will prevent them from landing. Otherwise, it is quite harmless and will not hurt the birds.
Bird nets
You can stretch bird nets in your vegetable garden or hang them over trees. You can also hang a net over the gutter or fa├žade. It is harmless to the birds and ensures that the birds cannot get through.
If these tips do not help you get rid of the nuisance, you can always make an appointment with one of our pest controllers to get rid of the birds.

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