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What does stucco cost?

Tuesday 27 December 2022

What does stucco cost via Zoofy?

Do you already have an idea of what stucco work you want applied? Then you are probably also curious about the costs of wall plastering. However, these depend on various factors. Not only does the type of plastering affect the price, but also the location, the size, and so on. In general you can count on plasterer prices between 10 and 15 euros per square meter. Below you get a better overview of the exact plasterer costs!

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Costs per type of plasterwork

One of the most important price determining factors is the type of plaster you choose. Spackle plaster, for example, is much cheaper than decorative plaster. Also take into account the priming costs. The exact prices you will find in the table below!

Costs stucco per type

View the costs for the different types of stucco work here.

Spackle painting 7 to 12 euros per square meter
Wallpaper ready or sauce ready plaster 8 to 20 Euros per square meter
Plasterwork 8 to 15 Euros per square meter
Rendering 15 to 30 Euros per square meter
Decorative plaster 12 to 23 Euros per square meter
Sanding 15 to 20 euros per square meter
Concrete stucco 100 to 150 Euros per square meter
Primer 2 to 3 euros per square meter
*These are indicative prices, the final costs may vary from the invoice you receive from us.

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Price difference walls and stucco

There is also a price difference between plastering the walls and the walls. This is logical, because a wall is much easier to plaster than a ceiling. The price difference is on average around 5 euros per square meter. This difference also applies to other difficult to reach places. Want to know what it costs to plaster per surface area? Then take a look at the price table below! The prices include plasterer's costs.

Prices plaster per room

Check out the costs for the different rooms to plaster.

Walls bedroom 15 euros per square meter 600 euros for 40 square meters
Living room walls 15 euros per square meter 780 euros for 53 square meters
Hallway walls 15 euros per square meter 390 euros for 26 square meters
Kitchen walls 15 Euros per square meter 260 Euros for 24 square meters
Living room ceiling 20 Euros per square meter 400 Euros for 20 square meters
Bedroom ceiling 20 Euros per square meter 320 Euros for 16 square meters
Kitchen ceiling 20 Euros per square meter 180 Euros for 9 square meters
Hall ceiling 20 Euros per square meter 200 Euros for 10 square meters

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Plastering: what are the possibilities?

Before you know more about the wall plastering costs, it is useful to be aware of the different possibilities. This way you can better determine what is the best option for you!


One of the many options is spray spackling. This is a good choice if you are looking for a cheap and fast way to finish walls and/or ceilings. It is placed in two layers and you can choose between a coarse or fine grain texture. This technique does require everything to be covered. The other disadvantage is that there is not much choice in terms of structure.

Wallpaper-ready and paint-ready plastering

Another possibility is wallpaper ready plastering. If you want to finish your walls with wallpaper, this is the best option. Plastering is very important in this case, because it ensures that any unevenness is smoothed away. Plastering ready to plaster has the same purpose, but the difference is that it is slightly more expensive. This is because the walls must be perfectly smooth before they are painted. This requires more work.

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Decorative plaster

Choose decorative plaster if you are looking for the most durable solution. This type of plaster is scratch and impact resistant. The other advantage of plaster is that you can choose from different structures and colors. So you let it easily fit your interior. There are several types of decorative plaster to choose from, including Granol, spachtelputz and rustiekputz. Spachtelputz has a coarse structure and is therefore ideal for a tough look. If you want a finer, more elegant look, rustic putty is the best option.


If you want to have your ceiling plastered you can also choose sanding. In this case, the professional applies the plaster layer in circular motions. This creates a unique pattern that gives the room an elegant look.

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