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How Much Does It Cost to Install Home Automation

Saturday 01 June 2024

How much does it cost to turn your home into a smart home

Smart homes and home automation were once considered something for the distant future, but are now a reality for many. Many younger homebuyers even want to see home automation in the homes they buy, making this a good update for resale. There are many different home automation systems and it is possible to use just one or several systems in one home. Most systems make your home more energy efficient, comfortable and secure, making this one of the most popular home improvements.

Smart Home Costs

Each home can have a different type of home automation, and it is possible to automate your entire home inside and out or just automate a few specific areas and functions. For this reason, there is a wide range of costs associated with home automation. The national average range for automating a home is between €2,000 and €7,000, with most homeowners spending about €5,500 to automate their lights, door locks and thermostats and install a smart speaker, hub and smart plugs in three rooms. The low cost for this project is about €1,500 for a smart speaker, lights and thermostat. The high cost for this project is about €20,000 to fully automate every room in the house, including lights, blinds, locks, appliances, irrigation system, thermostat, hub and four smart speakers.

Home automation costs

Smart Home cost
Average cost €5,500
Average range €2,000- €7,000
Minimum cost €1,500
Maximum cost € 20.000
What is a Smart Home?
A smart home can mean different things to people. In short, a home equipped with an array of devices and equipment that automate basic tasks for residents. Some of these devices are built into the home, such as thermostats and appliances, while others are added as needed, such as smart plugs. These devices can be controlled through voice commands, apps, timers or artificial intelligence.

Smart homes have a wide range of automation. It is possible to start slowly and add devices and appliances over time, or to completely outfit your home all at once. The size of the house, how you use the space, the number of people who live there, and the system types you have installed all change how your smart home is set up.

Smart home costs

Smart home costs by area.

There are many ways to automate a home. You can automate features like all your lighting, areas like a kitchen or living room, or slowly add things like adding kitchen appliances as needed. Below are the costs per area if you fully automate all potential areas in that space and have them professionally installed.

Area Average cost (including installation)
Kitchen € 6.000 - € 16.000
Living room € 3.500 - € 12.000
Bathroom € 2.500 - € 7.000
Bedroom € 1.000 - € 3.500
Lighting € 1,000 - € 3,000
Heating and cooling € 800 - € 2.000
House security €700 - €5.000
Garden €200 - €500
Garage € 200 - € 400

*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously done. The final cost may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Smart kitchen appliance costs

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. So it makes sense that it's a room that can benefit tremendously from home automation. In addition to the devices listed below, it is very common for the smart kitchen to include smart lighting, a smart speaker as well as at least two or three smart plugs to complete the space. If you fully automate all parts of your kitchen, including installing all new appliances, your total cost would range from €6,000 to €16,000 fully installed:

Type of smart appliance Average cost (unit only)

Coffee machine € 100- €300
Microwave €400 - €1,500
Dishwasher € 900 - € 1,200
Cooker hood € 900 - € 2,000
Refrigerator € 1.600 - € 4.000
Hotplate € 2,000 - € 5,000
Oven € 2,000 - € 6,000

Costs for a smart coffee machine

The cost of a smart coffee maker is on average between € 100 and € 300. Smart coffee makers come with a wide range of options. Some are voice controlled and allow you to set things like the temperature or brewing time. Others come with a remote control and some can be programmed from your smartphone. Can you control the brew strength, brew temperature, heat-up temperature and the time of day the machine is turned on and off. Some even remind you to fill and start the machine each day.

Smart Microwave Price

Smart microwaves range from €400 to €1,500 . Smart microwaves usually connect to a smart home network and a hub. They may include features such as barcode readers that allow you to determine the best time to put a dish in the microwave. They can also download cooking instructions. Many include things like moisture sensors that help keep your food from drying out. Most also include voice controls and WiFi connectivity. Many also send alerts to your smartphone so you know when your food is ready.

Smart dishwasher costs

Smart dishwashers average €900 to €1,200. Smart dishwashers are usually appliances that are connected to a hub or to the network. They work via voice control through your smart speaker or smartphone. They offer things like diagnostic help with your smartphone by sending codes when needed. You can also start and stop cycles and program the dishwasher remotely. Many smart dishwashers are also more flexible and customizable in what they can do, so you can adjust each load to handle dishes as needed.

Cost of smart range hood

A smart range hood costs between €900 and €2,000. Like other smart appliances, smart range hoods connect to your smartphone or hub. You use voice commands to tell the hood when to turn on and blow off. You can also control the exhaust level by using a lower or higher speed. Some range hoods sense and automatically adjust as needed. They can turn themselves on, pop up higher and turn off again without you asking.

Smart fridge price

The cost of a smart fridge ranges from €1,600 to €4,000. Smart refrigerators offer homeowners many features. They can include egg sensors that alert you when your eggs are about to expire. They can also download recipes based on content, so you can manage your shopping. They can include virtual bulletin boards for family members and can be updated from your smartphone when you're away. Smart refrigerators can also be connected to your smart speaker or hub for more options.

Smart Cooktop Price.

Smart cooktops range from €2,000 to €5,000. With smart cooktops, you control things like the temperature from your smartphone or smart home speaker. This feature is often added to cooktops with things like induction and other high-end options. Smart features can also link the cooktop to your smart range. This lets you turn up or down the heat on a burner faster. You can also receive notifications on your smartphone when your cooking time is almost complete, so pans don't boil over or run out of water.

Smart oven price

On average, a smart oven costs between €2,000 and €6,000. Smart cooktops offer the same benefits as a smart cooktop. They also offer remote preheating via voice command or from your smartphone. Smart ovens can be enabled to preheat remotely. They also offer alerts when food is almost ready and connect to other smart appliances such as your range hood. Smart ovens often include other features such as convection, hot air frying and other cooking options that may not be standard on other models.


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