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Costs of garden mess removal

Wednesday 05 June 2024

When you have started to build a terrace, a pond or a flower bed in your garden, a lot of soil is released. In some cases, you can use this soil for other purposes but it can also happen that you have no other choice than to remove the soil. Do you want to dispose of soil? Then you are undoubtedly curious about the costs per m³ for the removal of contaminated soil, the factors that influence the price of soil removal, etc. In this article we will elaborate on this.

What does it cost to remove soil?

You understand that the price of soil removal cannot be given just like that. The price is determined by several elements, like the amount of soil, the kind of soil, etc. The exact price for soil removal is determined by adding up different factors.

Soil removal costs: overview

The exact cost per m³ of soil depends on several factors:

Activities Costs
Renting a container €175 to €600 per container
Digging €12.50 to €17.50 per m2
Costs for the gardener €30 to €60 per hour
Extra costs for removing soil €10 to €30 per m³
Disposal of garden soil total about €700 per 20 m³
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Renting a container

Especially in case of soil removal as a private person, you are almost obliged to rent a container when it concerns a large amount of soil. Logically, you pay more for a container with relatively small dimensions than when you rent a large container. Prices for a small container start at €175 and can rise to €600 the larger the container.

Digging out

How much you pay for excavation depends mainly on the type of soil. Are you going to dispose of black soil that is difficult to excavate or are you going to dispose of healthy, clean garden soil? On average, you will pay between €12.50 and €17.50 per m2 for digging and removing soil, depending on the degree of difficulty and contamination.

Costs of removing soil

Costs for the gardener

Have you hired a gardener to give you a hand with removing your soil? Then you should take into account a cost of between €30 and €60 per hour for his work.

Extra costs for removing soil

Is the soil you wish to remove contaminated (lightly or heavily)? Then take into account a surcharge of €10 to €30 per m³.

Removing garden soil

If we base ourselves on the average prices for hiring a container, the costs of a landscaper and removing garden soil, we have to consider a cost of around €700 per 20m³. It goes without saying that this price will be higher or lower as the amount of soil to be removed increases or decreases.

Soil removal costs: price drivers

The table above shows us how the final price for soil removal is established. However, there are other elements that are decisive for the final price.

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