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Cost of installing wall tiles

Tuesday 04 June 2024

Costs for tiling

On average you can expect to pay around 650 euros for tiling. The price of laying wall tiles per square metre varies between 42 and 130 euro. Below you will find a number of tables that will give you a more precise overview of the costs for removing the wall tiles and the price for laying them!

Whether you want to place wall tiles in your kitchen, toilet or bathroom, it is useful to know the prices of wall tile installation beforehand. This is the only way to prepare yourself properly. Of course, there are several prices for installing wall tiles, because they depend strongly on a number of factors.

Costs per type of wall tile

Type of tile Cost per square metre
Ceramic tiles 9 to 40 euro per square meter
Natural stone tiles 25 to 70 euro per m²
Glass mosaic tiles 25 to 105 euro per m²
Ceramic mosaic tiles 20 to 180 euro per m²
Natural stone mosaic tiles 20 to 200 euro per m²
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Costs for installing wall tiles

Costs for removing wall tiles and price for laying wall tiles
Type Cost per square metre
Tiler price 25 to 40 euro per square metre
Costs glue, grout, etc. 8 to 20 euro per m²
Total costs for removing and laying wall tiles 43 to 130 euro per m²

Price determining factors for tiling

Above you get a good overview of what it will cost you exactly to remove and place wall tiles. But of course there are a few factors that have a big influence on the cost of laying wall tiles. We'll go through them for you!

Type of tile

One of the biggest factors determining the price is the type of tile you choose for your wall. Ceramic tiles are the cheapest to use. You can have them installed from as little as 9 euros per square metre. However, if you choose natural stone tiles, the price can go as high as 70 euros per square metre.

Extra treatment

With some wall tiles it is necessary to impregnate them to give them extra protection against moisture. Of course, you have to pay extra for this. Impregnation agent will cost you around 35 euros per litre. It can be used to impregnate 20 to 35 square metres of tiles.

Installing the tiles yourself or calling in a professional

If you install your wall tiles yourself, you will obviously pay less. But if you want to be sure of a good result, it is better to rely on a professional. Most tiling professionals charge between 25 and 40 euro per square metre. However, some professionals prefer to agree on a total price.

The way in which the tiles are placed

The tiles can be placed in different ways: in a full stone bond, half stone bond or diagonal bond. There are also a number of other ways. Some bonds are more difficult and therefore take more time, which means you have to pay more for them.

1) Quantity of soil to be removed

You pay more for more. And removing black soil or other garden soil is no exception to this rule. The more soil you dispose of, the more you pay. When a larger quantity of soil is involved, the gardener has more work and the working hours will cost you more.

2) Necessary material

Is a wheelbarrow enough to remove your soil? Or does soil have to be excavated first and therefore does an excavator need to be brought in? In order to access your grounds with an excavator, our gardener needs to submit a so-called Klic application to the Land Registry. The Klic application provides our professional with a detailed map of all pipes and cables in and under your garden to prevent them from being damaged by the work. The cost of this map is €16.50 and is borne by the client.

3) Container or big bags?

Normally, we use a container for the removal of soil. If you have the necessary space to place a container on your domain, you get the cheapest deal because in that case you do not need a permit. Do you have no room to place a container? Then you need to go to the town hall in your village to apply for a permit. With this permit, you can temporarily place the container on the public road. The exact cost of this permit differs from municipality to municipality. Always request your permit a few weeks before the planned start of the work.

Big bags

Would you like to dispose of soil using big bags instead of a container? Then take into account the extra cost for the crane needed to lift the big bags over your house.

4) Distance to the container

Is your container close to the soil to be removed or does our handyman have to travel long distances to get to your container? The further the distance between the debris to be transported and the container, the higher the costs. This is due to the fact that more working hours will be required when a longer distance is involved.

5) Type of soil

When you rent a container for soil removal you can only remove soil. Green waste and other kinds of garden waste can never be placed in the container and have to be disposed of in another way. Does your case involve the removal of clean soil? Then the price will be lower than when it comes to the removal of polluted soil. We always perform a test to determine whether your garden soil is healthy or not.

Soil removal costs: savings tips

Are you going to remove soil as a private person or do you want to remove soil as a professional? Whatever your situation, you might be interested in some handy tips to save money!

Get rid of your soil together: are there other people in your neighbourhood who also have garden work to do? Then discuss with them when you can rent a container together to dispose of the soil and share the costs.
Reuse the soil: since Dutch soil is generally of very good, healthy quality, it is often a good idea to reuse the soil that is released instead of disposing of it straight away. Ask your neighbours and/or friends whether they could reuse your soil. To be absolutely sure that the soil can be reused, you should ask the municipality.

Why Zoofy?
Disposing of soil and the costs involved can sometimes be quite a worry. That is why Zoofy offers a number of interesting savings:

No more driving costs: with almost all handyman companies you pay for the transport between their workshop and the place where the work needs to be done. With Zoofy, this is not the case. Wherever you live in the Netherlands, the call-out charges are always on our account.
Fixed hourly rates: we work on the basis of fixed hourly rates. This makes it much easier for you to plan the costs for the removal of your soil in your budget.
Convenience advantages
Experienced craftsmen: Zoofy is a handyman platform with an excellent reputation throughout the Netherlands. Therefore we only work with the very best craftsmen. All our handymen are subjected to a thorough screening before they are allowed to join our platform.
Customer-friendly working method: not only the job itself but also the booking of the job should be quick and easy for optimal customer satisfaction. Contact us by phone to book a job or use our online form. On this form you can indicate which job you would like to book, at what times of the day you are usually at home and also when it is absolutely not possible for you to receive our handymen. Our handymen are located throughout the Netherlands and therefore you never have to wait long with Zoofy.
User-friendly payment method: with us you don't waste hours paying for a job. We work with the user-friendly payment apps Tikkie and iDeal. This way, you can pay for your job in a matter of seconds.
Are you looking for an experienced contractor to remove your soil? Call on the professional service of Zoofy and enjoy the many benefits!

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