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Costs of spray painting the ceiling

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Is your ceiling in urgent need of a make-over? Spraying a ceiling is much quicker than painting it and moreover, it provides a nice and smooth result without the painting structure remaining visible. How much do you pay for ceiling spraying at Zoofy and how does the price come about? We tell you in this article.

Spray ceiling prices

In general we can say that you pay between € 9 and € 14 per m² for ceiling painting. How much it costs depends mainly on the kind of paint you choose. The table below offers more clarity on this.

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Spraying a ceiling: cost overview

Take a look at the cost overview for ceiling spraying below.

Type of spray painting Cost

Painting the ceiling with latex € 10 to € 13 per m² 
Spraying the ceiling € 9 to € 14 per m² 
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Ceiling spraying with latex paint

Latex paint comes in every conceivable colour, dries quickly and guarantees a streak-free result. And on top of that, this paint is quite cheap. A disadvantage of this paint is the fact that it can create thin mist spots and that it takes quite some time to prepare. Latex paint will cost you on average between €10 and €13 per m².

Spackling ceilings

Spack is slightly more expensive than latex paint and is also more difficult to repair. However, this plaster is quick to apply, you can choose from different colours and variations in the grains and your ceiling can be finished with structure. For spackling, you pay between €9 and €14 per m².

Ceiling spraying: method

Probably you are not only curious about the costs of spraying your ceiling, but you would also like to know exactly how it works. We explain it to you in the step-by-step plan below.
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1) Masking of windows and doors, floors and walls

When our painter uses a paint sprayer to spray your ceiling, it is often necessary to dilute the paint first. This increases the risk of unwanted paint splashes. Therefore, our painter will cover all your floors, windows, doors and walls with a plastic film and tape. If you would like to save on the cost of working hours, you can also do this yourself before our handyman arrives at your home.

2) Switch off power

Even if the wall sockets are well taped off, it is wise to turn off the power before starting the spraying work. Latex paint is quite liquid and consequently can easily penetrate your sockets. In the worst case, this could lead to a short circuit.

3) Prepare the ceiling for spraying

Once the preparations on the ground floor and walls are done, it is time to prepare the ceiling. And that starts with degreasing your ceiling. Our painter uses a little lukewarm water and a degreasing agent. Does your ceiling show large stains as a result of previous water damage? These are sealed immediately after degreasing to ensure the smoothest possible result. Has your ceiling been degreased and all stains, cracks and holes sealed and/or painted over with renovation paint? Then the real work can now begin.

4) Spray painting the ceiling

The time for spraying has arrived. Our expert will start in the corners and work his way towards the middle of your ceiling. Depending on the material of your ceiling and the type of latex paint you have chosen, one or two coats may be needed. In practice, a second coat is sprayed in most cases anyway to ensure an extra long life of the paint.

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