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Cost of exterior wall panels

Monday 06 September 2021

Time for new cladding? Then there are various types of material to choose from. One of the best options is plastic cladding. Find out more about the benefits and prices below. This way you can easily make the right choice!

Cladding price in comparison to other materials

If you are still unsure whether plastic is the best option or not, it is a good idea to compare the cladding prices of the different materials. Knowing the price difference makes it easier to make the right decision. For that reason you will find a handy price list below!

Cost of cladding per type

Type of cladding Cost per m²
Clay plating 30 euro per m²
PVC 40 euro per m²
Thermowood 40 euro per m²
Sidings 45 euro per m²
Wood 65 euro per m²
Crepi 80 euro per m²
Stone strips 155 euro per m²

What are the advantages of synthetic cladding?

With new cladding, your façade is extra protected against various weather conditions. In addition, it provides a new look for your home. Plastic is a good choice because it has many advantages.

It fits in with various styles. Plastic wall cladding is available in many different colours and imitations of materials, such as wood and metal. This is a big advantage because the prices for plastic wall cladding are considerably lower. So you save a lot of money by choosing an imitation.

Another big advantage is the low maintenance this material requires. Usually it is sufficient to spray the façade with a water jet every so often. You can also easily modify it when you need to change. Plastic is also very safe, as it has a low fire risk. It extinguishes itself thanks to the chlorine atoms it contains. This is also one of the reasons why the material lasts so long. As you can see, plastic wall cladding is an excellent option!

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