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Carport prices

Wednesday 05 June 2024

How much do you pay for a home carport, what types of carports exist and what elements determine the price of your carport? You'll read it all in this article.

What does a carport cost?

Carports come in all conceivable sizes, designs and materials. And for that very reason, no two carports cost exactly the same. What you will ultimately pay for your carport depends above all on the material you choose. We give you a detailed overview in the table below.

Costs carport: average prices per type of material

Type of material porch Cost
Wooden carport € 2.200
Plastic carport € 3.000
Aluminum carport € 3.500
Steel carport € 3.500
Aluminum + steel carport € 3.800
Concrete carport € 4.000
*These prices already take into account the assembly and material costs as well as VAT. These are indicative prices based on jobs previously done on Zoofy. The final price may differ from the prices listed here.

Wooden carport

A carport in wood is rather cheap because wood has a shorter lifespan than the other materials. Another disadvantage of a wooden carport is the fact that you will have to maintain your carport regularly. On the other hand, a wooden carport has a beautiful, natural look, customization is no problem and you can repaint the wood at any time for a different look. The average price for a wooden carport is around € 2,200.

Plastic carport

A plastic carport has a longer lifespan than a wooden carport and requires very little maintenance. Therefore you pay a little more for this variant, namely around € 3,000. The disadvantage of a plastic carport is that the insulation effect is not as good as with other materials such as concrete and aluminum for example.

Aluminum carport

Prices for an aluminum carport start at € 2,000 and, depending on your needs, can go up to € 7,000. Aluminum is a very strong material that provides excellent insulation and can handle large spans. An aluminum carport gives your home an instant sleek, contemporary look and is extremely low maintenance. The disadvantage of this material is that it is more expensive than wood or plastic and it can rust.

Steel carport

In most cases, a steel carport is made from recycled pieces of metal, making it a very environmentally friendly option. Steel is impervious to fire and lasts a very long time. Of course, the look is a little tighter than if you opt for a wooden carport. Prices for a steel carport are around €3,500.

Aluminum + steel carport

If you want to combine the advantages of steel and aluminum, choose a combination carport. This carport consists partly of aluminum and partly of steel. Because of the specific craftsmanship, you pay on average a little more for such a carport than for a carport in aluminum or steel alone. Would you like such a carport at home? You can do so for an average price of €3,800.

Concrete carport

Concrete is safe, durable and offers a very high load-bearing capacity. Furthermore, a concrete carport is an air and watertight construction that lasts for years and provides excellent insulation. Because of the many interesting advantages of a concrete carport, it is also the most expensive option. For about € 4,000 you are the owner of a concrete carport.

Carport prices: type of carport

Besides the material, there are other elements that influence the cost of your carport. One of the most important factors is the type of carport you want.

Carport prices: overview per type

Check out the price overview of carports by type below:

Type of carport Cost

Carport between two houses € 2.300
Carport at home € 2.400
Detached carport € 3.200
Carport between two houses
A carport between two houses is the cheapest alternative because you can share the costs with your neighbor. Less material is needed than with a freestanding carport and yet both of you can always enter your home dry. Of course you have to agree together on the material and the finishing of the carport. For a carport between two houses you will pay approximately €2,300.

Carport at home

When you have your carport built directly against your home, you have more parking space because fewer posts are needed than with a freestanding carport. This type of carport is relatively inexpensive and looks luxurious. The downside is that the size is automatically determined by the size of your house and such carports are prone to burglary. A carport attached to your house costs around €2,400.

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