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Facade cleaning costs

Monday 12 December 2022

Cleaning your façade is a good way to make your house attractive again. It also improves the condition of your house. Are you also planning to have your facade cleaned? Then it is interesting to find out the possibilities and costs of wall cleaning below!

What are the costs for facade cleaning?

Before you have your facade cleaned, it is useful to know all about the costs. Because there are so many different cleaning techniques, it is difficult to put a fixed price on it, but usually you can count on costs between € 5 and 22 per square metre. Below an overview of the façade cleaning costs per method!

Wall cleaning costs per method

Type of cleaning Cost per square metre
Steam cleaning 5 to 10 euro per m²
Sandblasting 10 to 20 euro per m²
Moisture blasting 12 to 22 euro per m²
Mistblasting 15 to 20 euro per m²
Chemical cleaning 15 to 20 euro per m²
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Why is facade cleaning important?

Facade cleaning is more important than you think because by cleaning your facade regularly, you avoid damage. It is also the ideal way to detect problems early and thus avoid higher costs.

Would you like to increase the value of your home? Then facade cleaning is a good way too. Ideal if you plan to sell your house one day. After cleaning, you can apply an extra protective coat to make your cladding last even longer!

Facade cleaning: what methods are there?

When it's time to clean your facade, there are several methods to do so. Which method is best for you depends mainly on the cladding and the severity of soiling!

Method 1: sandblasting

The first method of facade cleaning is sandblasting. This involves spraying small grains of sand at high pressure against the façade. The major advantage of this technique is that it is environmentally friendly.

It can also be used when the façade is heavily soiled. However, sandblasting is not a good choice for porous cladding. You pay around 10 euros per square metre for sandblasting a facade.

Method 2: moisture blasting

Another option is to damp-blast your facade. This method is a little more expensive than sandblasting, but a better option for porous façade cladding. This is because moisture blasting is done with a mixture of sand and water. This makes it a lot softer.

You can also adjust sandblasting easily. This is because it is possible to adjust the thickness of the grains, the ratio and the compressive strength. For damp blasting a facade, you pay around 12 euros per square metre.

Method 3: side blasting

When cleaning the facade of a historic building, it is best to opt for side blasting. That is because this is the mildest technique using indirect blasting. You can also set it very precisely, as it is possible to choose the grain shape and nozzles. Indirect blasting will cost you around 15 euros per square metre.

Method 4: steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is another alternative. Here, the power is determined by the temperature of the water. Usually, this fluctuates between 100° and 150° Celsius. Because only water is used, this is mainly a very cheap way of cleaning. On average, it will cost you €5 per square metre. Keep in mind, however, that this technique is only applicable to less polluted façades.

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